Alexandra Conley is a senior from Southern California double majoring in political science and American studies. She is currently working with Professor A. James McAdams on research regarding Italy’s current neo-fascist presidential candidate Giorgia Meloni. She is looking at Meloni’s rhetoric against migrants and minorities in Italy as well as the evolution of her policies and public image. By doing this, Conley hopes to gain a better understanding of how this election will affect Italy and the European Union as well as to draw comparisons to the growth of other prominent right-wing women in politics internationally.

During the summer of 2022, Alexandra had the opportunity to work for the campaign of Dr. Asif Mahmood for Congress in her home district of CA-40 as a campaign fellow and now as Co-director of National Student Engagement. Dr. Mahmood’s election is in one of the most competitive districts in California and was named by Politico as a top race to watch this cycle for determining which party will control the House of Representatives. On campus, Conley is involved in the College Democrats, of which she is the Vice President, a student ambassador at ND Listens, a member of the student government department of Gender Relations, and is very involved in her on-campus home of Welsh Family Hall.

American Studies
Political Science