Theoretical Research in Development Economics (ThReD) 2019 Annual Meeting

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Achieving peace and prosperity for all is a complex problem, requiring a deep understanding of the complex interconnections between economic development and political economy. Theoretical Research in Development (ThReD) is an international consortium of researchers devoted to fostering research that explains the underlying mechanisms that shape social and economic outcomes. The 13th annual meeting will be held at the University of Notre Dame from May 3 to May 4, inviting scholars from around the world to present papers that advance the theory of development, synthesize theory and empirical work, or provide evidence that stimulates further research at the intersection of theory and empirics. Organizers welcome submissions on any topics in development economics, including but not limited to the analysis of market frictions, trade and models of agglomeration or spatial location, sustainable development and the environment, intra-household bargaining and gender, and civil conflict and state fragility.