Economics and Catholic Social Thought: A Primer 2020

Academic Conference and Workshops
Grant Year

The 5th CREDO conference on Economics and Catholic Social Thought, which is targeted toward faculty and Ph.D. students in economics, business, finance and related fields who are interested in linking their work with Catholic Social Thought. The goals are to strengthen the conversation between mainstream economics and Catholic social thought and teaching, and further the advances on this front to applying sound ethical principles and economic expertise to further the goal of integral human development for all, a key theme of the Kellogg Institute. The four speakers of the conference are Professor Martijn Cremers (business, Notre Dame), Professor Robert Gahl (philosophy and business ethics, Santa Croce), Professor Mary Hirschfeld (theology and economics, Villanova), and Professor Joe Kaboski (economics, Notre Dame, Economics), but the conference is heavy on discussion as well, and the latter portion of the conference will be led by alumni from previous conferences. The material covered includes: the theological and philosophical foundations of CST; reflections on recent Catholic social teaching including Laudato si' and Oeconomicae et Pecuniariae Quaestiones, and practical applications of concepts such as human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity, and the coming good to issues surrounding markets, labor, migration, and corporate finance.