Midwest Universities' Development Day

Academic Conference and Workshop Grant
Grant Year

This proposal seeks funding to enable us to host the 9th Midwest Universities’ Development Day in December 2021. The goal is to foster dialogue and build community among development economists in the Midwest, and to give valuable presentation experience and feedback on new projects for graduate students and junior faculty. This is a great opportunity for Notre Dame to coordinate continued conversation between the growing network of development economists in the Midwest, and to raise Notre Dame’s research profile in the broader economics profession. It will also give our graduate students an invaluable chance for (hopefully) face-to- face interaction with development economics in their future networks. All of the papers will be related to economic development in a global setting, which connects with Kellogg's Human Development theme. Some of the papers may involve political economy-type topics which would additionally connect with Kellogg's Democracy theme. The conference will be well-timed to highlight Kellogg’s new investments in LaNDInG, the Lab@ND for Inclusive Growth.