Challenges for Translation and Access to Information in Latin America: Approaches from the Humanities, Art and Literature

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The phenomenon of translation occupies a place of privilege in the Latin American historical processes, as an instrument at the service of the institutions of administration and government (State, school, media, justice, etc.) but also as a strategic practice of cultural memory and resistance of ethnic, religious and social communities that were forced to adapt to external rules to survive. Two academic events will focus on the significance of translation from the colonial past to our globalized present: an intensive 4 session seminar open to all of those interested in Latin American culture and history and a public lecture by Professor Rodrigo Caresani, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero. For Caresani, the art and literature of Latin America have reflected on what he calls “scenes of translation” to denounce conditions of oppression but also to imagine inclusive and alternative forms of community life.


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