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Brazil Trunk

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame offers the Traveling Trunks of Africa, Asia and Latin America free of charge to educators in the Michiana area. These treasure chests of engaging materials from around the world help students learn about the diverse cultures of these regions through hands-on activities. Each trunk comes with a curriculum guide, books, music CDs, instruments and cultural items.

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Curriculum Guide

The curriculum guide is a binder filled with content descriptions, country profiles, lesson plans, teaching resources, and recipes.

Books & Literature

Ancona, George. Carnaval
Boraas, Tracey. Countries and Cultures: Brazil
Burch, Joann J. Chico Mendes Defender of the Rain Forest
Carter, Jeanne Wilmot. Tales from the Rain Forest
Cobb, Vicki. This Place is Wet
Gray, Shirley W. First Reports: Brazil
Haskins, Jim. Count Your Way Through Brazil
Heinrichs, Ann. Brazil
Lippert, Margaret. The Seaserpent's Daughter
Lourie, Peter. Amazon
Morrison, Marion. Country Fact Files: Brazil
Tahan, Raya. The Yanomami of South America
Van Laan, Nancy. So Say the Little Monkeys

Musical Instruments

  • Apito (2)
  • Agogo (2)
  • Caxixi (2)
  • Cow Bell
  • Monkey drum
  • Harmonica
  • Afuché
  • Berimbau
  • Cuica
  • Pandeiro (2) - tamborine


Argrntinian Pesos (1 bill, 2 coins)
Batik-Woman on beach in Bahia
Batik-Beach scene
Batik-Rio scene
Bead necklaces (13)
Brazilian Flag
Casal-Maria Bonita
City view carving (pole)
Cup and saucer
Doll from Bahia (reversable)
Figa (wood carving of a hand)
Flag stickers
Masks - Feathers (3 big)
Masks - Sequins (3 small)
Masks - Glitter (1)
Purse (recycled milkcarton )
Rural view carving

Compact Discs

Afro Brasil
Brazil Classics 1. Beleza Tropical
Na Cadencia do Samba
The Music of Brazil- The Rough Guide
Brasil. Un Seculo de Cancao. 4 CD-Collection

Maps & Posters

Brasilia (with information guide)
Global Encounters: The Sounds of Brazil

Teaching Resources

Brazil: An Interdisciplinary Unit
Fold-Out Map
Global Encounters: The Sounds of Brazil
Postcards (4)


Please make reservations at least one week before your requested pick-up to allow us time to inventory and prepare the trunk. 

It is our goal to have as many trunks in circulation as possible. Trunks may be borrowed for up to one month. Please borrow only for the amount of time you need the trunk so other educators have as much access to the trunk as possible.



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