Şehrazat Gulsum Mart is a PhD student in the Peace Studies & Sociology program. She is primarily interested in youth mobilization in authoritarian regimes. Her MA work explored the conditions under which bureaucratic discretion can facilitate a responsive public service environment even in authoritarian regimes. Currently, she studies intergenerational differences in social mobilization against authoritarian oppression.

Current Research

My research interests lie at the intersection of political sociology and urban sociology. In the past, I researched the artistic-cultural transformation of Istanbul (Turkey) in relation to the inclusion of civil society in comparison to Essen (Germany) and Pecs (Hungary). I was also involved in an interdisciplinary project that designed post-earthquake shelters. I was working on how administrative data and information about the population can be integrated and included in the design. My current research for my MA thesis, as briefly described above, also explores how the organizational form of l(local and central) governments obstruct public participation. And how this exclusion leads to the failure of urban transformation projects. In overall, I am interested in making the "public" and the "civic" visible with a focus on the local. Which most of the time is profoundly relevant and useful to discussions of democracy and development.