Elizabeth Gonzalez is a senior from Crown Point, Indiana, studying political science and global affairs with a minor in Latino Studies. Gonzalez’s primary academic interests include comparative migration studies, the Caribbean diaspora, and international human rights law. 
In her senior year she will serve as a research assistant to Professor Diane Desierto in the inaugural year of Notre Dame Law School’s Global Human Rights Clinic. In this role, Gonzalez will expound upon her human rights fact-finding skills that she gained as an intern at the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Docket Initiative. 

In previous years, Gonzalez has worked with Professor Karen Richman, a cultural anthropologist in the Departments of Latino Studies and Anthropology, with her research primarily related to migration and development in Hispaniola. In this role, Gonzalez assisted in the production of an edited volume entitled, “The Otherness Triangle: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the International Community”. Moreover, Gonzalez contributed to Dr. Richman’s research analyzing the role WhatsApp played in cultivating hometown associations that led to a successful development project in Léogâne, Haiti. 

In addition to being an International Scholar, Gonzalez is a member of the Fighting Irish Scholars Program and the Kennedy Scholars Program. While a part of the Kennedy Scholars Program Gonzalez, conducted original research on London’s Latin American community and presented her findings to scholars at the Durham University.

Thesis Adviser: Karen Richman

Global Affairs
Political Science
Latino Studies