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Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellows

At the center of the Kellogg Institute’s many programs and research projects are its faculty fellows—more than 100 fellows from 21 academic departments, centers, institutes, and schools across the University.

Working independently or in collaboration with other scholars, Kellogg faculty fellows engage in research on the Institute’s core themes of democracy and human development, as well as international topics more broadly.

Faculty Fellows by Department

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Recent profiles

Africana Studies

Dianne M. Pinderhughes


Christopher Ball

Susan D. Blum

Catherine Bolten

Rev. Patrick D. Gaffney, CSC

Carolyn R. Nordstrom

Rahul Oka

Vania Smith-Oka

Lawrence E. Sullivan

Gabriel Torres Colón

Biological Sciences

Edwin Michael

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Tracy L. Kijewski-Correa

Alexandros Taflanidis

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Lionel M. Jensen


Simeon Alder

Wyatt Brooks

Kevin Donovan

Kirk Doran

William N. Evans

Antoine Gervais

Thomas Gresik

Richard A. Jensen

Terence Johnson

Joseph Kaboski

Steve Lugauer

Nelson Mark

Jeff Thurk

Christopher J. Waller

Film, Television, and Theatre

Anton Juan


Edward (Ted) Beatty

Karen B. Graubart

Semion Lyandres

Paul Ocobock

Jaime M. Pensado

Institute for Latino Studies

Karen Richman

Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Steve Reifenberg


Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Larissa Fast

Law School

Roger P. Alford

Paolo G. Carozza

Douglass Cassel

Kristine Kalanges

Mary Ellen O'Connell

Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies

Nelson Mark

Jonathan Scott Noble

Mendoza College of Business

Viva Bartkus

Jeffrey H. Bergstrand

Emily Sarah Block

Matt Bloom

Georges Enderle

John Sherry

Elizabeth Tuleja


Tala Jarjour

Carmen-Helena Téllez

Nanovic Institute for European Studies

A. James McAdams

Political Science

Ruth Abbey

Jaimie Bleck

Michael Coppedge

Sarah Zukerman Daly

Michael C. Desch

Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC

Amitava Krishna Dutt

Andrew Gould

Victoria Tin-bor Hui

Debra Javeline

Rev. William M. Lies, CSC

George A. Lopez

Scott P. Mainwaring

A. James McAdams

Rev. Sean D. McGraw, CSC

Daniel Philpott

Dianne M. Pinderhughes

Emilia Justyna Powell

Luc Reydams

Political Science (cont'd)

Rev. Timothy R. Scully, CSC

Guillermo Trejo

Ernesto Verdeja

Romance Languages and Literatures

Thomas Anderson

Ben Heller

Carlos A Jáuregui

Vanesa Miseres

Marisel Moreno

María Rosa Olivera-Williams

Juan Vitulli


Jorge A. Bustamante

Gilberto Cárdenas

Larissa Fast

Erin Metz McDonnell

Terence McDonnell

Ann Mische

Christian Smith

Lyn Spillman

J. Samuel Valenzuela


Peter J. Casarella

Rev. Virgilio Elizondo

Rev. Daniel Groody, CSC

Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP

Fr. Emmanuel Katongole

Rev. Paul V. Kollman, CSC

Todd D. Whitmore


Rev. Ernest Bartell, CSC

Robert C. Johansen

Kwan S. Kim

George A. Lopez

Rev. Robert Pelton, CSC

Juan M. Rivera

Jaime Ros

Stephen E. Silliman

Lawrence E. Sullivan

Lee A. Tavis

In Memoriam

Sabine G. MacCormack

Guillermo O'Donnell




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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