Thematic Interests

Modern Mexican history; student movements; youth culture; Latin American revolutions; the Cold War

Current Research

My second book project takes up a set of research questions that have not been addressed in the historiography of modern Mexico, but which will complicate our understanding of the turbulent, combative, and at a times contradictory character of the Cold War era: how did conservative and progressive sectors of the Catholic Church—particularly those invested in education, student politics, and entertainment—respond to the contentious environment that emerged inside Mexico's most important universities during the postwar era? How did young Catholic students respond to the rise of leftist militancy that came to characterize their schools in the wake of the Cuban Revolution?

Research Sub-Discipline


Journal Articles

“El Movimiento Estudiantil Profesional (MEP): una mirada a la radicalización de la juventud católica mexicana durante la Guerra Fría,” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 31, 1 (Winter, 2015)
"'To Assault with the Truth': The Revitalization of Conservative Militancy in Mexico During the Global Sixties," in "Latin America in the Global Sixties," special issue, The Americas 70, 3 (January 2014)
“Utopian Dreams: A History of Student Activism in Latin America,” ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America (Fall, 2012)
“Between Young Men and Mischievous Children: Youth, Transgression, and Protest in Late-Nineteenth Century Mexico,” in The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth  4, 1 (Winter 2011)
"The (Forgotten) Sixties in Mexico." In The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture 1, 1 (May, 2008)

Book Chapters

“El movimiento politécnico de 1956: la primera revuelta estudiantil en México de los sesenta,” in Renate Marsiske, ed., Movimientos Estudiantiles en la Historia de América Latina: Volumen IV (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2015)
"Student Politics in Mexico at the Wake of the Cuban Revolution," in Robert Clarke et. al., eds., New World Coming: The Sixties and the Shaping of Global Consciousness (Between the Lines & Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

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April 26 to April 28
1968 in Europe and Latin America Conference
April 26
Public Lecture: 1968: A Long Time Coming


April 27
Conflict Prevention Agencies and Civil Society Organizations in Puno and Cajamarca
Working Groups, Comparative Politics Workshop
Omar Coronel Cuadros


April 28
Public Lecture: "1968: Reform or Revolution"
Ignacio Walker


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