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Debra JavelineDebra Javeline

Associate Professor of Political Science
(PhD, Harvard University, 1997)
217 O’Shaughnessy Hall

Geographic focus: Russia; Eastern Europe

Thematic interests: Comparative politics; mass political behavior; survey research; the politics of post-Soviet and other post-communist regimes; the politics of adapting to climate change.

Selected publications:

  • “Expert Opinion on Climate Change and Threats to Biodiversity” (with Jessica J. Hellmann, Rodrigo Castro Cornejo, and Gregory Shufeldt), Bioscience 63, 8 (2013).

  • “Institutional Persuasion to Support Minority Rights in Russia” (with Vanessa A. Baird), Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 21, 1 (2013)

  • “The Health Implications of Civic Association in Russia” (with Elizabeth Brooks ’08), Social Science & Medicine 74, 9 (2012)

  • “Managed Relocation: Integrating the Scientific, Regulatory, and Ethical Challenges” (with Mark Schwartz, et al.), BioScience 62, 8 (2012)

  • “The Health Implications of Civic Association in Russia,” Social Science and Medicine 74, 9 (with Elizabeth Brooks, 2012)

  • “The Surprisingly Nonviolent Aftermath of the Beslan School Hostage Taking,” Problems of Post-Communism 58, 4–5 (with Vanessa A. Baird, 2011)

  • “The Effects of National and Local Funding on Judicial Performance: Perceptions of Russia’s Lawyers,” Law & Society Review (coauthor, 2010)

  • “Balancing Russia’s Civil Society Report,” Journal of International Affairs (coauthor, 2010)

  • “Who Sues Government? Evidence from the Moscow Theater Hostage Case,” Comparative Political Studies (coauthor, July 2007)

  • "The Persuasive Power of Russian Courts,” Political Research Quarterly (coauthor, 2007)

  • Protest and the Politics of Blame: The Russian Response to Unpaid Wages (2003)

  • “The Role of Blame in Collective Action: Evidence from Russia,” American Political Science Review (February 2003)

  • “Response Effects in Polite Cultures: A Test of Acquiescence in Kazakhstan,” Public Opinion Quarterly (Spring 1999)

  • “Suffering Without Protest in Kazakhstan,” Central Asia Monitor (1998)




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