Interning with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) in Bududa, Uganda

Emma Sheedy ’20 (mathematics)

On Tuesday, June 14…

Bududa has been wonderful, and I have learned a lot and made many great connections with the community members already. In the clinic, I've worked a lot with the midwife. FIMRC asked each of us to come up with a project feasible to accomplish during our time here, so I am working to develop an exit interview specific to the Maternal Child Health (MCH) ward. The clinic has a general exit interview, but MCH could use a specific one so that the midwife can gauge how well mothers are internalizing the information taught to them in the waiting room and during her consultations. So, I have spent some time working with the midwife and asking her about what she teaches the mothers. (more...)

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