Thesis: Religious Nationalism and Response to Suppression of Nonviolent protests in the Middle East

I’m currently working on a senior thesis exploring the relationship between the resiliency of nonviolent protests in the Middle East in the face of violent suppression and the extent to which these protests are influenced by a politicized or nationalistic religious ideology. This research is inspired by my semester abroad of studying and researching in Jerusalem. I will be working on this senior thesis under the guidance of my senior thesis adviser, Professor Michael Hoffman. Meanwhile, I will continue to work with my Kellogg faculty adviser, Professor James McAdams on his research on the global communist party.

The summer after my sophomore year, I served in a hospice and a clinic in Kolkata, India while learning about issues in disability rights & health care in India through an opportunity funded by the Center for Social Concerns. In my junior year, I received a winter break research grant through ISLA to conduct research on the political theology & the collective memories of religious persecution of the Catholic Church in Shanghai, China. I then spent my junior year spring semester and the following summer studying abroad in Jerusalem, taking Arabic courses, and researching the intersection between religion and nationalism in Palestine.

ISP Adviser
Political Science
Peace Studies
Graduation Year
Thematic Interests

Formation and politics of Communist regimes; Role of religion in political and social change movements; International human rights and religious freedom; Social psychology of nonviolent protests;


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