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Students Fired Up by Human Development Conference

This year’s Human Development Conference (HDC), “Transforming Development: New Actors, Innovative Technologies & Emerging Trends,” delved into the groundbreaking fieldwork and research being done by undergraduates from all over the country and across the world as they explore the multidisciplinary and ever-evolving process of development.

HDC 2014

Nnindye Research Fuels Passion for Development Work

Kristen Kelly ’13

International Development Studies (IDS) minor Kristen Kelly ’13, an anthropology major, spent the last two summers working with the Ford Program in Uganda, first studying rural agriculture on an Experiencing the World fellowship and then conducting research for her IDS capstone project. After graduation in May, she returned to Uganda to work with the Pathways Development Institute, a small NGO. Here's Kelly's reflection on her Ford Program field experience.

When asked about my past two summers of research in central Uganda, I close my eyes and transport thousands of miles away.

I hear wake-up calls from the harmonic serenades of wailing babies and chattering birds. I feel the stickiness of my sweat from a long day of interviews in the villages under the hot equatorial sun. I taste the sweet juiciness of a fresh mango as it drips from my mouth, down my hands and arms. I hear lots of laughter—including my own—as I attempt to introduce myself in Lugandan for the hundredth time. (Even if I never got it right, it was always worth sharing the smiles.)

I recall the overwhelming beauty and warmth of a country with some of the most welcoming people and breathtaking landscapes I have ever encountered. Most of all, I sense that enduring spark of inspiration—stemming from no memory or experience in particular—which continues to fuel my passion to work in the field of international development. (more...)

The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity promotes the interdisciplinary study of international human development, a central focus of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, with an innovative mix of research, teaching, and community engagement.

We work with students, scholars, and communities around the world facing challenges to authentic human development and investigate the conditions that limit opportunities to flourish with dignity.

We study economic growth and development, politics, public policy, health, and human rights.

We are committed to building a transnational and interdisciplinary alliance of scholars, students, public servants, and conscientious citizens to address the critical challenges confronted by those
living in extreme poverty.

Watch video from Ford Program Community Development Partnerships:
Nnindye, Uganda and Dandora, Kenya