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Brian (Breen) Ó ConchubhairBrian (Breen) Ó Conchubhair

Associate Professor of Irish Language and Literature
Director, Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures
(PhD, National University of Ireland, Galway)
329 DeBartolo Hall 

Geographic Focus: Ireland

Thematic Interests: Cultural nationalism; language revitalization; language politics; Irish-language fiction; the European fin de siècle; modernism

Current Research: Modernism in Irish-language literature and culture; the relationship of mainstream modernism to minority languages; Roger Casement; Flann O’Brien

Selected publications:

  • “Twisting in the Wind: Irish-Language Stage Theatre,” in Nicholas Grene & Chris Morash, eds., Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre, pp. 251–86(Oxford University Press, 2016)

  • “Irish Bastards: Celia de Fréine and Merriman’s Midnight Court,/Cúirt an Mheán Oíche,” Etudes Irlandaises: The French Journal of Irish Studies 21, 2 (2016): 105–18

  • Liam O’Flaherty’s Darkness, ed. (Arlen House, 2014)

  • Pádraic Breathnach: Rogha Scéalta (Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 2014)

  • Lost in Connemara: Stories from the Irish/Caillte i gConamara: Scéalta Aniar (Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 2014)

  • The Language of Gender, Power and Agency in Celtic Studies (ed. with Amber Handy, Arlen House Press, 2013)

  • Twisted Truths: Stories from the Irish, ed. (Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 2011)

  • The Midnight Court/Cúirt an Mheán Oíche: A Critical Guide, ed. (Syracuse University Press, 2011)

  • Fin de Siècle na Gaeilge: Darwin, An Athbheochan agus Smaointeoireacht na hEorpa (An Clóchomhar, 2009)

  • WHY IRISH? Irish Language and Literature in Academia, ed.  (Arlen House, 2008)




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