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Douglass CasselDouglass Cassel

Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School
(JD Harvard University, 1972)
301-A Law School
(574) 631-7895

Geographic Focus: Latin America (El Salvador)

Thematic interests: International human rights, international criminal law and international humanitarian law.

Research Interest: Strengthen the Inter-American system for protection of human rights; ensuring respect for human rights in counterterrorism programs.

Recent publications:

  • “Defending Human Rights in the ‘War’ Against Terror,” in Regent Journal of International Law 4, 2 (2006)

  •  “Equal Labor Rights for Undocumented Migrant Workers,” inAnne Bayefsky, ed., Human Rights and Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Migrant Workers: Essays in Honor of Joan Fitzpatrick and Arthur Helton (2006)

  • “The Expanding Scope and Impact of Reparations Awarded by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights,” in M. Bossuyt, P. Lemmens, K. De Feyter, and S. Parmentier, eds., Out of the Ashes: Reparations for Gross Violations of Human Rights (2006)

  • “NATO In Kosovo: A Reply to Jurgen Habermas,” in Danny Postel, ed., Debating Kosovo: Contending Perspectives on the Left (2005)

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