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John SherryJohn Sherry

Raymond W. & Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Marketing
(PhD, Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
308A Mendoza College of Business

Geographic focus: International

Thematic interests: Culture, consumption and marketing, and qualitative marketing research

Current research: Brand strategy, experiential dimensions of consumer culture, art and aesthetics, moral economy

Selected publications:

  • "M(Art)Worlds: How Luxury Brand Stores Become Art Institutions" (with Annamma Joy, T. S. Chang, Geng Cui, and Jeff Wang), Journal of Retailing 90, 3 (2014)

  • “Brand Fortitude in Moments of Consumption” (with Nina Diamond, Mary Ann McGrath, Albert Muniz, Stefania Borghini, and Robert Kozinets), in Handbook of Anthropology in Business, eds. Rita Denny and Patti Sunderland (LeftCoast Press, 2014)

  • “Discordant Retail Brand Ideology in the House of Barbie” (with Mary Ann McGrath and Nina Diamond), Qualitative Marketing Research 16, 1 (2013)

  • “Orchestrating Rituals through Retailers: An Examination of Gift Registry” (with Tonya Bradford), Journal of Retailing 89, 2 (2013)

  • “Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Hope: Feng Shui Discourses and Practices in Hong Kong” (with Jeff Wang and Annamma Joy), Journal of Consumer Culture 13, 3 (2013)

  • “Reflections of a Scape Artist: Discerning Scapus in Contemporary Worlds,” in Spirituality and Consumption, eds. Diego Rinallo, Linda Scott, and Pauline Maclaran (Routledge, 2013)




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