Rev. Robert Pelton, CSCRev. Robert Pelton, CSC

Concurrent Professor Emeritus, Theology
Director Emeritus, Institute for Pastoral and Social Ministry
Director, Latin American/North American Church Concerns
(STD, St. Thomas University, Rome, 1952)
319 Hesburgh Center

Geographic focus: Latin America

Thematic interests: The Catholic Church; ecclesial base communities; liberation theology; the Cuban Church.

Research interests: The Catholic Church; the Fifth General Conference of the Latin American Bishops (CELAM) in Aparecida, Brazil 2007; other major meetings of CELAM after Vatican II.

Selected publications:

General editor, University of Scranton Press Series: “Peace, Justice, Human Rights, and Freedom in Latin America, in Honor of Archbishop ├ôscar Romero, Martyr and Prophet.” Series includes:


In the media: