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Jonathan Scott NobleJonathan Scott Noble

Director, Asia Office
Assistant Provost for Internationalization
(PhD, The Ohio State University, Columbus, 2003)
505 Main Building

Geographic focus: Asia (China)

Thematic interests: Contemporary Chinese culture, media, film, theatre, and performance; Chinese language

Current research: Chinese cultural production, performance and visual cultures, and popular culture, specializing in film and theater; contemporary Chinese literature; cultural criticism, including performance theory and transnational issues

Selected publications:

  • Blind Shaft: Performing the ‘Underground’ on and beyond the Screen.” In Chinese Films in Focus II, ed. Chris Berry (Palgrave, 2008)

  • “Foreword: Culture Matters—A Report from the Field of U.S.-China Relations,” in China’s Transformations, ed. Timothy Weston and Lionel Jensen (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006)

  • “Wang Shuo and the Commercialization of Literature” and “Cao Yu and Thunderstorm” in The Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature, ed. Joshua Mostow (Columbia University Press, 2003)

  • Titanic in China: Transnational Capitalism as Official Ideology?” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 12, 1 (Spring 2000)

Translations include:

  • “Foreword” by Dai Jinhua in Occidentalism: A Theory of Counter-Discourse in Post-Mao China by Xiaomei Chen, 2nd ed. (Rowman and Littlefield, 2002)

  • “Gender and Narrative: Women in Contemporary Chinese Film” by Dai Jinhua in Cinema and Desire: Feminist Marxism and Cultural Politics in the Work of Dai Jinhua, ed. Jing Wang and Tani Barlow (Verso, 2002)

  • Seven chapters in The Development of Business Ethics in China, ed. Lu Xiaohe and Georges Enderle (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006)




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