Robert M. FishmanRobert M. Fishman

Professor of Sociology
Editor, Kellogg Institute Working Paper Series
(PhD, Yale University, 1985)
230 Hesburgh Center

Geographic focus: Europe

Thematic interests: Democracy and democratic practice, state and regime transformations, politics and culture, consequences of inequality, European integration and the Euro Crisis

Current research: Writing a book analyzing differences in democratic practice and societal outcomes between “third wave” pioneers Portugal and Spain, the Iberian Peninsula neighbors which, through nearly polar opposite pathways of change, initiated the late 20th century’s worldwide expansion of democratic rule.

In the press:
Fishman Explores Democracy and InequalityNotre Dame news story, March 26, 2013
A tragédia portuguesa faz parte de uma tragédia maior – Fishman interview in Visâo, May 17, 2012

Selected publications:

Working papers: