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Georges EnderleGeorges Enderle

John T. Ryan Jr. Chair in International Business Ethics
(Dr. rer. pol., University of Fribourg, 1982; Dr. habil., University of St. Gallen, 1986)
393 Mendoza College of Business

Geographic focus: China and East Asia; Continental Europe

Thematic interests: Business ethics; ethics of globalization; wealth creation and poverty; business and human rights; corporate responsibilities of large and small companies, with a view on developments in China.

Selected publications:

  • “‘Business and Human Rights’ from Donaldson to Ruggie—A Review of a Classic Book,” Business and Human Rights Journal 1, 1 (2016)

  • Ethical Innovation in Business and the Economy, edited with P. E. Murphy (Edward Elgar, 2015)

  • “Ethical Innovation in Business and the Economy—A Challenge That Cannot Be Postponed,” in G. Enderle and P. E. Murphy, eds., Ethical Innovation in Business and the Economy (Edward Elgar, 2015)

  • “‘Business Ethics Walks on Two Legs’—auch in St. Gallen. Ein Gastkommentar,” in T. Beschorner, P. Ulrich, and F. Wettstein (Hg.), St. Galler Wirtschaftsethik. Programmatik, Positionen, Perspektiven (Metropolis, 2015)

  • “Business and the Greater Good as a Combination of Private and Public Wealth,” in K. J. Ims and L.J.T. Pedersen, eds., Business and the Greater Good: Rethinking Business Ethics in an Age of Crisis (Edward Elgar, 2015)

  • Defining Goodness in Business and Economics” in VittorioHösle, ed., Dimensions of Goodness (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013).

  • Developing Business Ethics in China (ed. with Xiaohe Lu), paperback edition with a new preface (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

  • “The Capability Approach as Guidance for Corporate Ethics,” in C. Lütge, ed., Handbook of the Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics (Springer, 2012)

  • “Discerning Ethical Challenges for Marketing in China” (with Qibin Niu), Asian Journal of Business Ethics 1, 2(2012)

  • “The Entrepreneurial Vocation: Is Creating Wealth a Calling?” in B. C. Okonkwo, ed., Finding Meaning in Business: Theology, Ethics, and Vocation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

  • “Three Major Challenges for Business and Economic Ethics in the Next Ten Years: Wealth Creation, Human Rights, and Active Involvement of The World’s Religions,” Business and Professional Ethics Journal 30 (2011)

  • “Neue Herausforderungen an die Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik und was sie in Zeiten der Krise leisten muss,” in J. Wallacher, C. Au, And T. Karcher, eds., Ethik in Wirtschaft Und Unternehmen In Zeiten Der Krise (Kohlhammer, 2011)

  • “What is Long-Term Wealth Creation and Investing?” in Antonio Tencati and Francesco Perrini, eds., Business Ethics and Corporate Sustainability (Edward Elgar, 2011)

  • “Wealth Creation in China and Some Lessons for Development Ethics” in Journal for Business Ethics (2010)

  • “A Rich Concept of Wealth Creation beyond Profit Maximization and Adding Value” in Journal of Business Ethics (2009)

  • Coauthor, “Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for Marketing in the Global Marketplace” with P. E. Murphy in The SAGE Handbook of International Marketing (Sage Publications Ltd, 2009)

  • Introduction and supervision of English translation of Business and Economic Ethics: The Ethics of Economic Systems by A. Rich (Peeters, 2006)

  • Coeditor, Developing Business Ethics in China (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006)

  • Editor International Business Ethics: Challenges and Approaches  (University of Notre Dame Press, 1999)

  • Coeditor, Lexikon der Wirtschaftsethik [Encyclopedia of Business Ethics] in German (1993), Portuguese (1997), and Chinese (2001)




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