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Paolo G. CarozzaPaolo G. Carozza

Professor of Law
Director, Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies
Affiliated/Concurrent Faculty, Department of Political Science
(JD, Harvard Law School, 1989)
130 Hesburgh Center

Geographic focus: International; Latin America; Western Europe

Thematic interests: Comparative constitutional law; human rights; law and human development; international law; European and Latin American legal traditions

Current research: I am currently writing a book on “Constitutional Justice in Italy in Global Context”; other current research interests revolve around the relationships between law, human rights, and integral human development.

Selected publications:

  • Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context (with Vittoria Barsotti, Marta Cartabia, and Andrea Simoncini) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2015)

  • Comparative Legal Traditions: Text, Materials and Cases on Western Law (with Mary Ann Glendon and Colin B. Picker) (4th ed., West Academic Publishing, 2014)

  • The Right and the Good, and the Place of Freedom of Religion in Human Rights, Summer-Fall 2013 Communio International Catholic Review 456-472

  • Human Dignity, in Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law 345 (Dinah Shelton ed., Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Religión, Libertad Religiosa y Derechos Humanos:  ¿Integración, colaboración, o conflicto?, in Libertad Religiosa y Estado Laico:  Voces, Fundamentos y Realidades 189 (Jorge Traslosheros ed., Editorial Porrua 2012).

  • "Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Human Experience," in Christopher McCrudden, ed., Understanding Human Dignity (Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Regional Protection of Human Rights (with Dinah Shelton) (Oxford University Press, 2nd ed., 2012)

  • “The Catholic Church, Human Rights and Democracy: Convergence and Conflict With the Modern State” (with Daniel Philpott) in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 15, 3 (2012)

  • Esperienza Elementare e Diritto (with Marta Cartabia, Andrea Simoncini, and Lorenza Violini) (Guerini e Associati, 2011)

  • “Esboços históricos de uma tradição latino-americana da ideia de direitos humanos,” in Narciso Leandro Xavier Baez and Douglass Cassel, eds., A Realização e a Proteção Internacional dos Direitos Humanos Fundamentais—Desafios do Século XXI (Editora Unoesc, 2011)

  • “Human Dignity in Constitutional Adjudication” in Tom Ginsburg and Rosalind Dixon, eds., Research Handbook in Comparative Law (Edward Elgar, 2011)

  • “I diritti umani, l'«arte» della democrazia e il «gusto per la libertà locale»,” in Marta Cartabia and Andrea Simoncini, eds., La Sostenibilità Della Democrazia Nel XXI Secolo (Il Mulino, 2009)

  • “Il traffico dei diritti umani nell’età postmoderna,” in Luca Antonini ed., Il Traffico Dei Diritti Insaziabili (Rubbettino Editore, 2007)

  • Comparative Legal Traditions: Text, Materials And Cases On Western Law (with Mary Ann Glendon and Colin B. Picker) (West Publishing, 3rd ed., 2007

  • “La perspectiva histórica del aporte latinoamericano al concepto de los derechos económicos, sociales y culturales,” in Alicia Ely Yamin ed., Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales en America Latina: Del Inventivo a la Herramienta (Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo, 2006)

  • “The Universal Common Good and the Authority of International Law,” Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 28 (2006)

  • ”From Conquest to Constitutions: Retrieving a Latin American Tradition of the Idea of Human Rights,” Human Rights Quarterly 25 (2003)

  • “My Friend is a Stranger”: The Death Penalty and the Global Ius Commune of Human Rights, Texas Law Review 81 (2003)

  • “Subsidiarity as a Structural Principle of International Human Rights Law,” American Journal of International Law 97 (2003)

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