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Maurizio AlbahariMaurizio Albahari

Associate Professor of Anthropology
(PhD, University of California, Irvine)
620 Flanner Hall
(574) 631-7759

Geographic focus: Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East

Thematic interests: Social-cultural anthropology; international migration and refugee mobility; sovereignty, democracy, and human rights; religious pluralism

Current research: Trans-Mediterranean citizenship and mobilization, interreligious dialogue, and the politics of changing cities

Selected publications:

  • “Mediterranean Carnage: Heretical Scholarship and Public Citizenship in an Age of Eloquence,” Anthropological Quarterly, 89 (forthcoming)

  • “After the Shipwreck: Mourning and Citizenship in the Mediterranean, Our Sea,” Social Research: An International Quarterly 83, 2 (forthcoming)

  • “Il futuro non √® scritto: il Mediterraneo tra lutto ed eurocentrismo,” InTrasformazione: Rivista di Storia delle Idee (forthcoming)

  • Crimes of Peace: Mediterranean Migrations at the World’s Deadliest Border (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015)

  • “Europe’s refugee crisis,” guest editorial, Anthropology Today 31, 5 (2015)

  • “Genealogies of the Military-Humanitarian Border,” in Marina Calloni and Eileen Hunt Botting, eds., Borders, Sovereignty, Rights (Universit√† degli Studi di Milano, 2013)

  • “The Birth of a Border: Policing by Charity on the Italian Maritime Edge,” in Jutta Lauth Bacas and William Kavanagh, eds., Border Encounters: Proximity and Asymmetry at Europe’s Frontiers (Berghahn Books, 2013)

  • “Migration,” guest editor, theme issue, Italian Culture 28, 2 (2010)

  • “Between Mediterranean Centrality and European Periphery: Migration and Heritage in Southern Italy,” International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies 1, 2 (2009)

In the media (selected)

“Iraqi migrants return after Europe disappoints,” Associated Press (March 2016)
“A Syrian Refugee Story: Inside one family’s two-year odyssey from Daraa to Dallas,” Time (November 2015)
“Tip of the Iceberg: No End in Sight to Migrant Wave,” Associated Press (October 2015)
“Joy as Migrants Flood Into Austria; Tears for Those Kept Out,” Associated Press (September 2015)
“Migrant crisis: Is there anything you can do?” Fox News opinion(August 2015)
“How many migrants travel on the world’s deadliest route?” BBC Radio5 Live (April 2015)
“Migrant children test Europe as Mediterranean crisis worsens,” Reuters (April 2015)
“Desperation, dire conditions for migrants fleeing to Europe,” CNN (January 2015)




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