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Kellogg Sends Out Summer 2017 Students

49 students are participating in the Kellogg Institute’s summer programs this year through the Summer Entrepreneurial Internship Program, Experiencing the World Fellowships, and Kellogg/Kroc Research Grants. Our students are traveling to 29 different countries to conduct research, work alongside international organizations, and teach in schools. From child welfare in Tanzania to the study of aid programs for Syrian refugees to reactions to the Colombian peace treaty, students are studying various aspects of international affairs and producing research on topics across many disciplines.

Organized by region, below is more information about our students and their work this summer.


Eunice Agyapong
(Biological Sciences)
“Religion and Healthcare Behavior: Analyzing Physician-Patient Social Relationships in Ghana”

Rosemary Agwuncha
“Compassion in Nigerian Healthcare”

Karina Chamorro
(Political Science)
Kekeli, Ghana

Claire Danes
(Economics/Political Science)
“Women and the Adoption of Mobile Money,” Tanzania

Anthony Derouin
“The State of Architecture Education in Uganda: Its Implications for the Future of Sustainable Development in Uganda”

Thomas Emmet
(Neuroscience and Behavior)
“The State of Trust and Healthcare Utilization in Post-Ebola Sierra Leone”

King Fok
 “Agency in the Decision-Making Process: Amputees Pursuing a Prosthesis in Ghana”

Bridget Geyer
(Neuroscience and Behavior)
“Community Health and Home Based Care,” South Africa

Annelise Gill-Wiehl
(Environmental Engineering)
“Renewable Energy Preferences in Shirati, Tanzania”

Casey Kennedy
(Political Science)
“Coordination in Child Welfare in Moshi, Tanzania”

Benjamin Kilano
(Economics/Program of Liberal Studies)
WorldTeach, South Africa

Timothy Machasio
“Time Preference and Consumption Behavior among Welfare Recipients in Kenya: Evidence from National Safety Net Program Beneficiaries”

Luke Maillie
(Physics in Medicine)
“Complex Network Analysis of the Referral System in Northwestern Tanzania”

Abigail Midlige
 (Biological Sciences)
“Maternal Healthcare in Uganda: Assessing the Delay in Seeking Care”

Debora Mulokozi
(International Economics)
“Exploring the History of Street Children and the State’s Policies for Urban Migration from Colonial Times to the Immediate Post-Independence Ujamaa Period,” Tanzania

Lethabo Ntini
(Economics/Political Science)
Section 27, South Africa

Rahul Ramani
“Assessing Implementation and Practice of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy in Ghana”

Emma Sheedy
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), Uganda

Fatou Thioune
“Is Central Banking in the CFA Zone Working? A Case Study of the Economic Implications for Senegal”
Beth Vander Hoek
(Political Science)
WorldTeach, Morocco

Miles Wood
(Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics/Business Analytics)
“Empowering Ugandans to Power Uganda: Exploring the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of the Business of Energy in Uganda”


Yunyi Bai
(Industrial Design)
“The Comparative Study on the Antiquity, Monumentality and Design Principles behind Batik Pattern between Hmongb Rongt and Bouyei,” China

Sarah Glover
(Neuroscience and Behavior)
“Pharmacies on the Front Line: The Role of Pharmacies in the Health Seeking Behavior of Urban Slum Residents in Kolkata, India”

Samuel O’Melveny
(Civil Engineering)
“Understanding the Impacts of Electrification and its Integration: A Study of Rural Electricity in Nepal”   

Joshua Pine
(Chinese/Political Science)
“Family-Based Development in Rural China: Innovative Solutions Addressing Rural-Urban Migration in Guizhou and Gansu Provinces”

Josiah Ponnudurai
(Political Science/Theology)
“The Development of Political Theologies in the Malaysian Church”


Francesco Tassi
(International Economics/Peace Studies)
“Understanding Integration: A Study of Local Dynamics, Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Southern Europe,” Italy

Rachel Warne
(Program of Liberal Studies)
“Developing Effective and Inclusive Aid Programs: Outreach to Female Syrian Refugees,” Germany, (Canada and United States)

Latin America

Cristina Adum
(Information Technology Management)
“Private Sector Coordination Effort in the Aftermath of Ecuador’s 2016 Earthquake”

Ivan Carballude
“Golden Frontier: How Brazilian Colonists Used Indigenous Knowledge to Unlock the Riches of Minas Gerais”

Albert Choi
(International Economics)
Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), Bolivia

Madeline Coole
(International Economics)
Social Entrepreneurs Corps (SEC), Guatemala

Dante Domenella
“Microfinance Volunteer Placement in Peru through Kaya Responsible Travel”

Allison Hidalgo
(Finance/Peace Studies)
Fundación Runa, Ecuador

Allison Hogan
(Neuroscience and Behavior)
“Community Health Workers and Mental Health Care in Rural Mexico”

Claudia Kazmirak
(Science Preprofessional Studies/Spanish)
Child Family Health International (CFHI), Argentina

Adam Kulam
“Social Entrepreneur Corps Eight Week Impact Immersion Program: Guatemala”

Alma Marquez Montero
“Education, Agriculture, and Poverty in Mexico”

Stephanie McClintock
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), Costa Rica

Aya Nagai
(International Economics)
Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), Nicaragua

Daniel Olivieri
“Mapping the Future: Contrasting Rural and Urban Cuban Challenges to Preventative Care through Participatory Scenario Planning”

Francesca Patti
“Uncoordinated Health Networks: Exploring Gaps in Healthcare for Mexico City Garbage Dump Dwellers”

Jiaying Qian
(Business Analytics)
“Examining the Potential of Brazil’s Bamboo Industry to Enhance Sustainable Development and Brazil-China Relations”

Claudia Serrano
“Reactions of the Working Sector to the Colombian Peace Treaty”

Kyersten Siebenaler
(International Economics)
“Fair Trade Internship in Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador”

DeAndre Tomlinson
“Exploration of the Development, Status, and Changes in the Ecuadorian Health System”

Nicole Waddick
(Political Science)
“Assessing and Mitigating Barriers to Breastfeeding in Rural Dominican Republic”

Robert Wozniak
(Science Preprofessional Studies/Spanish)
Projects Abroad, Argentina

North America

* Students traveling to Mexico are listed under Latin America

Griffin Over
Acción - Venture Lab Division, United States

Rachel Warne
(Program of Liberal Studies)
“Developing Effective and Inclusive Aid Programs: Outreach to Female Syrian Refugees,” Canada, United States (Germany)




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