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What is required for the Latin American Studies minor?

1.) Four area studies courses (12 hours), distributed over three different departments. These courses may not be double-counted toward other requirements. Click here to see the Fall 2016 list of classes or find courses that meet the requirements on Inside ND in “Class Search” and search for “Latin American Studies (LAST)” in the Subject Category. Two of the four courses may come from study abroad.

2.) Senior Thesis or Essay. The Latin American Studies Program requires that all minors complete high quality research through one of the following options:

    a.) A senior thesis in the major department that incorporates the study of Latin America into the research question. Integrating research of Latin America into the senior thesis allows students to spend significant time developing a well-researched thesis and is an excellent way to culminate the student’s academic experience. (Students choosing this option have a main adviser with expertise in Latin America or a second adviser with this expertise.)

    A fifth course (3 hours) is required of these students.

    b.) A senior essay written for the Latin American Studies Program. Students opting not to write a senior thesis or writing a thesis on a topic that does not incorporate the study of Latin America write a 30-page essay on a topic chosen by the student. Students selecting this option register for “Area Studies Essay: Latin America” course (AL 48003) and must have an adviser who ultimately grades the essay. More information regarding the requirements can be found at

3.) Two semesters of Spanish or Portuguese, or demonstrated proficiency in either of these languages.




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