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RRRSummer Entrepreneurial Internships

Notre Dame undergraduate students who seek a challenging, real-world experience that utilizes their academic interests and skills should consider applying for a Kellogg Summer Entrepreneurial Internship.  Students work with non-governmental organizations and policy institutes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States, where they learn about the needs and challenges facing developing countries while offering their skills and talents to work toward sustainable goals. Participation in an internship allows students to improve their language skills, deepen their understanding of developing countries and gain real world experience in the field.

My way of thinking was challenged, I had many first-time experiences, and I experienced so much personal growth during my two months in Costa Rica.

- Susan Morand '18 (Pre-Health Studies/Psychology)

Letty Ntini

Kellogg internships are entrepreneurial, meaning the students identify host organizations and work with them to set up an internship and develop a work plan. Students contact the organization directly and work with the organization to develop a plan that fits the academic trajectory of the student while also meeting the needs of the organization. Students should apply for a Kellogg Summer Entrepreneurial Internship for funding and pre-departure training. Applicants should work closely with their proposed organization to ensure that their application adequately explains the relationship of the student’s skills to the needs of the organization.

Students seeking an internship should consult the list of organizations where Kellogg has previously sent students. While applicants are not limited to this list, it is a good place to start.

All applicants should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel at least a month in advance of the deadline to ensure their proposal can be funded.


Students are expected to spend a minimum of 8 weeks with their host institution. In rare justifiable cases, students may propose a timeline of 6 or 7 weeks. Students proposing an internship for less than 8 weeks must meet with Rachel Thiel or Holly Rivers before the deadline to discuss this option or their application will not be considered. (Applicants seeking summer programs to do research for a duration of less than eight weeks should consider the Experiencing the World Fellowships - freshmen and sophomores - or the Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grants - juniors.) Please note that students may only apply to one Kellogg summer program in an academic year.

Students receive an award to cover most expenses including program fees, transportation, living expenses, vaccinations, visas, etc.

Students selected for an internship will begin preparing for their summer experience through a series of required orientations. Failure to attend orientations in full will result in the cancellation of the award.


Kellogg seeks students who have the academic interests, skills and initiative that best match the needs of the organization they have selected to work with, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship for both the students and the organization. Applicants should work closely with the host organization to clearly articulate the relationship between the student’s academic and career goals and the work needed at the organization.

Kellogg internships are available to Notre Dame freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Students are not eligible for more than one award.


Students applying for an internship should be highly motivated, self-starters with a great deal of initiative and the ability to think creatively. Internships require students to develop projects (with guidance from the host organization) and to problem-solve in determining how to complete the project.

Students should have a good working command of the language of the country where they will intern and good general background knowledge of the region.

To apply for a Kellogg Summer Entrepreneurial Internship, click here.

2018 Deadline: Monday, February 26

For questions about the program contact Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel.




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