One Border, One Body

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In the dry, rugged, and sun-scorched terrain where many immigrants lose their lives, bishops, priests and lay people come together each year to celebrate the Eucharist. Like other liturgies, they pray and worship together. Unlike other liturgies, a sixteen-foot iron fence divides this community in half, with one side in Mexico and the other in the United States. One Border, One Body tells the story of a ritual that unites people beyond political constructions which divide them. Amidst a desert of death and a culture of fear, it testifies to God’s universal, undivided, and unrestricted love for all people. It speaks of the gift and challenge of Christian faith and the call to feed the world’s hunger for peace, justice and reconciliation. More than just another documentary on immigration, this film is a meditation of the Kingdom of God, a globalization of solidarity, and a journey of hope. 


One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist, Executive Producer (Groody River Films, 2008)


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