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Social Movements and Organized Civil Society

December 1983
"Anotações para um estudo sobre populismo católico e educação no Brasil"
Vanilda Paiva
Now available in Perspectivas e Dilemas da Educação Popular, ed. Vanilda Paiva, 222-64 (Rio de Janeiro: Graal, 1984).

December 1983
"The Catholic Youth Workers Movement (JOC) and the Emergence of the Popular Church in Brazil"
Scott Mainwaring
A Portuguese version of this paper is available in Revista Eclesiãstica Brasileira 43 (1983): 29-92. A revised version has been published as Chapter VI of The Catholic Church and Politics in Brazil, 1916-1985, Scott Mainwaring, 116-41 (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1986).

April 1984
"The Democratic Theory of the Polish Opposition: Normative Intentions and Strategic Ambiguities"
Andrew Arato

June 1984
"Life-World and Communicative Action"
Fred R. Dallmayr
Now available in Polis and Praxis: Exercises in Contemporary Political Theory, Fred Dallmayr, 224-53 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1984).

July 1984
"On Modernism and Modernization: The Modernist City in Development, The Case of Brasília"
James Holston
Now available in The Modernist City: An Anthropological Critique of Brasília, James Holston (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989).

December 1984
"New Social Movements, Political Culture, and Democracy: Brazil and Argentina"
Scott Mainwaring and Eduardo Viola
Now available in Telos 61 (fall 1984): 17-52. A Spanish version is available in Revista Mexicana de Sociología 47 (October-December, 1985); and an expanded Portuguese version is available in Uma revolução no cotidiano? Os novos movimentos sociais na América Latina, 102-88 (São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1987).

November 1985
"Iglesia peruana: Cambio y continuidad. Naturaleza y sentido de su transformación"
Catalina Romero
Now available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

November 1985
"From Catholic Action to Liberation Theology: The Historical Process of the Laity in Latin America in the Twentieth Century"
Ana María Bidegain

December 1985
"Feminist Theory, State Policy, and Rural Women in Latin America-A Rapporteur's Report"
Shelley Baxter

December 1985
"Gender, Class and 'Development' in Rural Ecuador"
Lynne Phillips

December 1985
"Grass Roots Popular Movements and the Struggle for Democracy: Nova Iguaçu, 1974-1985"
Scott Mainwaring
Now available in Democratizing Brazil, ed. Alfred Stepan (New York: Oxford University Press, 1989). A Portuguese version is available in Democratizando o Brasil, ed. Alfred Stepan, 275-314 (Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra).

February 1986
"On the Fruitful Convergences of Hirschman's Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, and Shifting Involvements: Reflections From the Recent Argentine Experience"
Guillermo O'Donnell
Now available in Development, Democracy, and the Art of Trespassing: Essays in Honor of Albert O. Hirschman, ed. Alejandro Foxley, Michael McPherson, and Guillermo O'Donnell, 249-68 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1986).

January 1986
"La visible Eva Perón y el invisible rol político femenino en el Peronismo: 1946-1952"
Julia Silvia Guivant

February 1986
"Labor in Contemporary Latin America: An Agenda for Research-A Rapporteur's Report"
James McGuire

March 1986
"Dictaduras y el artista en el exilio"
Mempo Giardinelli
Now available in Un universo carpado de violencia, ed. Karl Kohut, 163-70 (Frankfurt-am-Main: Vervuert Verlag, 1990). A German version is available in Lateinamerika Studien 22, ed. Titus Heydenreich, 223-32 (Munich: Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 1986).

March 1986
"Escenarios, sujetos, desenlaces (Reflexiones sobre la crisis centroamericana)"
Edelberto Torres-Rivas
Now available in Centroamerica, la democracia posible, E. Torres-Rivas (San José: EDUCA, 1987).

May 1986
Two Parts:
Part 1
"The Soul of Chile"
Raúl Cardinal Silva Henríquez
A Spanish version, El alma de Chile, is available from CIEPLAN (Santiago: Ediciones CIEPLAN, 1986).
Part 2
"The Imperative of Solidarity"
Monsignor Cristián Precht Bañados

June 1986
"Rural Women and Migration in Latin America: Research Review and Agenda"
Maria de los Angeles Crummett
Now available in La mujer y la política agraria en América Latina, ed. M. León and C. Deere, 209-27 (Bogotá: ACEP and Siglo XXI, 1986).

August 1986
"The Mexican Charrazo of 1948: Latin American Labor from World War to Cold War"
Ian Roxborough
A revised version is available in Latin America between the Second World War and the Cold War, 1944-1948, ed. Leslie Bethell and Ian Roxborough (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1992).

September 1986
"Carnaval as a Cultural Problem: Towards a Theory of Formal Events and Their Magic"
Roberto DaMatta

September 1986
"Notas históricas sobre o conceito de cultura popular"
Renato Ortiz

September 1986
"Religion and Popular Protest in Latin America"
Daniel H. Levine and Scott Mainwaring
Now available in Power and Popular Protest: Latin American Social Movements, ed. Susan Eckstein (University of California Press, 1989).

October 1986
"Grassroots Popular Movements, Identity, and Democratization in Brazil"
Scott Mainwaring
Now available in Comparative Political Studies 20 (July 1987): 131-59.

October 1986
"Logics of Union Action in Chile"
Guillermo Campero and René Cortázar
A Spanish version, "Lógicas de acción sindical en Chile," is available in Colección Estudios CIEPLAN 18 (December 1985); Revista Mexicana de Sociología Ano XLVIII (4, October-December 1986); and El sindicalismo latinoamericano en los años 80 ( CLACSO, 1986). An Italian version, "L'zione sindicale," is available in Autoritarismo e democrazia in Chile, ed. A. Cuevas (Edizioni Lavoro, 1987).

November 1986
"Humanitarianism and Politics in Central America"
Gil Loescher
Now available in Political Science Quarterly 103 (2, Summer 1988): 295-320.

April 1987
"O Movimento Ecológico no Brasil (1974-1986): Do Ambientalismo à Ecopolítica"
Eduardo Viola
Now available in Ecologia e Política no Brasil, ed. José Augusto Pádua, 63-109 (Rio de Janeiro: IUPERJ/Espaço e Tempo).

April 1987
"Peasant Response to State Grain Policy in Revolutionary Nicaragua"
Michael Zalkin

July 1987
"The Psychological Roots of Political and Ideological Violence: A Jungian Perspective"
Kevin Hennelly
Now available in Alternatives XIII (1988): 219-52.

July 1987
"Labor, Politics, and Industrialization in the Dominican Republic"
Rosario Espinal

August 1987
"Grassroots Catholic Groups and Politics in Brazil, 1964-1985"
Scott Mainwaring
Now available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

February 1988
"Popular Mobilization and the Military Regime in Chile: The Complexities of the Invisible Transition"
Manuel Antonio Garretón
Now available in Power and Popular Protest: Latin American Social Movements, ed. Susan Eckstein (University of California Press, 1989).

June 1988
"Labor Movements in Transitions to Democracy: A Framework for Analysis"
J. Samuel Valenzuela
Now available in Comparative Politics 21 (4, 1989).

September 1988
"Macrotheories, Microcontexts, and the Informal Sector: Case Studies from Brazil"
Leo A. Despres
Now available in Perspectives on the Informal Economy, Monographs in Economic Anthropolgy 8, ed. M. Estellie Smith, Leo Despres, William L. Leap, and Larissa Lomnitz, 97-122 (Society for Economic Anthropolgy, 1990).

August 1988
"What Are the Newly Literate Reading in Cuba? An 'Individualist' Memoir"
Anthony Kerrigan (author deceased)
Now available in University Bookman (1989); This World (1989); and Salmagundi (vol. 82-83). An Italian translation is available in Linea d'ombra (1990).

November 1988
"The Church and the Abertura in Brazil, 1974-1985"
Ralph Della Cava
A somewhat different version is available in Democratizing Brazil, ed. Alfred Stepan (New York: Oxford University Press, 1989)

April 1989
"Of Victims and Executioners: Argentine State Terror, 1976-1983"
David Pion-Berlin and George A. Lopez
A revised version is available in International Studies Quarterly 35 (1991): 63-86.

March 1989
"Labor and the Return of Democracy to Spain"
Robert Fishman

March 1989
"Popular Movements in the Context of the Consolidation of Democracy"
Ruth Corrêa Leite Cardoso
A revised version is available in The Making of Social Movements in Latin America, ed. Arturo Escobar and Sonia Alvarez, 291-302 (San Francisco: West View Press, 1992).

May 1989
"Situaciones: Micro-Escenas de la privatización de lo público en São Paulo"
Guillermo O'Donnell, with comments by Roberto DaMatta and J. Samuel Valenzuela
Now available in Nariz del Diablo 2 (17 April 1991): 79-102.

May 1989
"¿Pobreza = Frustración = Violencia? Crítica empírica a un mito recurrente"
Eugenio Tironi

August 1989
"'Power' in Literature and Society: The 'Double' in Gabriel García Márquez's The Autumn of the Patriarch"
José Anadón

August 1989
"Bending the Bars of the Iron Cage: Bureaucratization and Informalization in Capitalism and Socialism"
David Stark
A revised version is available in Sociological Forum 4 (4, 1989).

August 1989
"Popular Groups, Popular Culture, and Popular Religion"
Daniel H. Levine
A slightly revised version appears in Comparative Studies in Society and History 32 (4 October 1990): 718-64.

August 1989
"Argentine Unions since 1955: Power and Politicization in a Weak Party System"
James McGuire

January 1990
"Labor Supply and the Employment Strategies of French and British Shipbuilders, 1890 to 1970"
Edward H. Lorenz
Now available in International Contributions to Labour Studies 1 (1991). A French version is available in Le Mouvement Social 138 (January-March 1987).

December 1989
"Women, Industrialization and State Policy in Cuba"
Helen Icken Safa (with the Federation of Cuban Women)
A revised version is available as a chapter of the author's book The Myth of the Male Breadwinner: Women and Industrialization in the Caribbean (Westview, 1995) and in Spanish in La industria de la aguja en el Caribe (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico: Editorial Universitario).

March 1990
"El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988"
Larissa Adler Lomnitz, Claudio Lomnitz-Adler, and Ilya Adler
Now available in Constructing Culture and Power in Latin America, ed. Daniel Levine (Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press, 1993) and in Spanish in Nueva Antropología 38: 45-83.

April 1990
"'Useful Fools' as Diplomatic Tools: Organized Labor as an Instrument of US Foreign Policy in Latin America"
Paul G. Buchanan
A revised version is available in Exporting Democracy: The United States and Latin America, ed. A. Lowenthal, 174-206 (Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins Press, 1992).

July 1990
"The Transition from Traditional to Broker Clientelism in Colombia: Political Stability and Social Unrest"
Ronald P. Archer

November 1990
"Television and the Elites in Postauthoritarian Brazil"
Maria Helena de Magalhães Castro

November 1990
"Trust, Cooperation, and Flexibility: International Comparisons"
Edward H. Lorenz
A revised version is available under the title "Trust and the Flexible Firm: International Comparisons," Industrial Relations 3 (1992).

April 1991
"Industrialists, Labor Relations, and the Transition to Democracy in Brazil"
Leigh A. Payne
Now available in the author's book Brazilian Industrialists and Democratic Change (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993).

May 1991
"Reconstituting the Institutional Bases of Consent: Notes on State-Labor Relations and Democratic Consolidation in the Southern Cone"
Paul G. Buchanan
A revised version is forthcoming in the author's book State, Labor, Capital: Institutionalizing Democratic Class Relations in the Southern Cone, chapters 1-3 (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

July 1991
"America Astray"
Francisco C. Weffort
A Portuguese version is available in Qual Democracia? 35-62 (São Paulo: Editora Cia. des Letras, 1992).

October 1991
"Industrial Modernization and Working-Class Protest in Socialist Spain"
Lynne Wozniak

December 1991
"Labor Movements and Political Systems: A Conceptual and Typological Analysis"
J. Samuel Valenzuela

January 1992
"Unions, Social Structures, and Wage Restraint: A Suggested Scheme of Analysis"
Edward J. Amadeo

January 1992
"The Political Formation and Consolidation of Peak Business Associations: The Case of Peru"
Francisco Durand
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

April 1992
"Fact and Myth: Discovering a Racial Problem in Brazil"
Thomas E. Skidmore
A Portuguese version is available in Cadernos de Pesquisa 79 (Nov. 1991): 5-16. An English version is forthcoming in Population, Ethnicity, and Nation-Building, ed. Calvin Goldscheider (Westview Press).

May 1992
"Institutional Constraints to Economic Policies: Wage Bargaining and Stabilization in Brazil"
Edward J. Amadeo

June 1992
"The Private Sector and the Public Transcript: The Political Mobilization of Business in Bolivia"
Catherine M. Conaghan
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

June 1992
"The Cautionary Tale of Carolina Maria de Jesus"
Robert M. Levine
An updated version is available in Latin American Research Review 29 (1, 1994): 55-83. An expanded version will be published as a book entitled The Life and Death of Carolina Maria de Jesus (University of New Mexico Press, August 1995).

August 1992
"Brazilian Business and the Democratic Transition: New Attitudes and Influence"
Leigh A. Payne
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

October 1992
"Mexican Business and the State: The Political Economy of a 'Muddled' Transition"
Blanca Heredia
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

November 1992
"Christian Communities in Chile and Peru"
Michael Fleet

December 1992
"Business Perceptions and the Transition to Democracy in Chile"
Ernest Bartell, CSC
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

December 1992
"Business Elites and Democracy in Latin America: Reflections on the May 1991 Kellogg Institute Conference"
Juan J. López

January 1993
"A Sign of the Times: Television and Electoral Politics in Argentina, 1983-1989"
Silvio R. Waisbord

May 1993
"Economic Policy Elites and Democratic Consolidation"
Verónica Montecinos

May 1993
"The Rational Basis of Wage Determination in Regimes of High Inflation"
Edward J. Amadeo

June 1993
"Contesting Authenticity: Battles over the Representation of History in Morelos, Mexico"
JoAnn Martin

June 1993
"Modernization and Postmodernization: Theoretical Comments on India"
Fred Dallmayr

June 1993
"Privatization: The Role of Domestic Business"
Ernest Bartell, CSC

March 1994
"Capitalists and Revolution"
Rose J. Spalding

March 1994
"Renovation in the Revolution? Dictatorship, Democracy, and Political Change in the Chilean Left"
Kenneth Roberts

March 1994
"Religious Change and Women's Status in Latin America: A Comparison of Catholic Base Communities and Pentecostal Churches"
Carol Ann Drogus

February 1995
"Network Capital in Capitalist, Communist, and Post-Communist Societies"
Endre Sik
Now available in International Contributions to Labour Studies 4 (1994): 73-93.

December 1995
"Catholicism, Anticlericalism, and the Quest for Women's Suffrage in Chile"
Erika Maza Valenzuela
The Spanish version of this paper "Catolicismo, anticlericalismo y la extensión del surfagio a la mujer en Chile," was published in Estudios Públicos 58 (fall 1995).

January 1996
"The Honecker Trial: The East German Past and the German Future"
A. James McAdams

March 1996
"German Capitalism: Does it Exist? Can It Survive?"
Wolfgang Streeck

March 1996
"Poverty in Latin America: Issues and New Responses-A Rapporteurs' Report"
Gabriela Ippolito-O'Donnell and Brenda Markovitz

September 1996
"Accountability for Past Abuses"
Juan E. Méndez
A version of this paper is forthcoming in the February 1997 issue of Human Rights Quarterly.

December 1996
"Ethnicity and Identity in the Caribbean: Decentering a Myth"
Ralph R. Premdas

March 1997
"Indigenous Politics and Democracy: Contesting Citizenship in Latin America"
Deborah J. Yasher

November 1997
"Liberals, Radicals, and Women's Citizenship in Chile, 1872-1930"
Erika Maza Valenzuela
A Spanish version, "Liberales, radicales y la ciudadanía de la mujer en Chile: 1972-1939," is now available in Estudios Públicos 69 (summer, 1998).

January 1998
"The Anatomy of a Death: Repression, Human Rights, and the Case of Alexandre Vannucchi Leme in Authoritarian Brazil"
Kenneth P. Serbin

February 1998
"The Politics of Economic Reform: Distributional Coalitions and Policy Change in Latin America"
Hector E. Schamis

April 1998
"Why Liberalism? State, Church, and Party in Western Europe"
Andrew C. Gould

May 1998
"Life without the King: Centralists, Federalists, and Constitutional Monarchists in the Making of the Spanish American Republics, 1808-1830"
Iván Jaksic and Marcelo Leiras

June 1998
"Democratic Consolidation and Human Rights in Brazil"
Paulo Sergio Pinheiro
A Portuguese version of this paper has been published as the introduction to Democracia em pedaçcos: Direitos humanos no Brasil by Gilberto Dimenstein (São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 1996).

June 1998
"The Changing Status of Children in Latin America: Issues in Child Health and Children's Rights-A Rapporteur's Report"
Carol D. Stuart

October 1998
"Facets of Social Capital in New Democracies: The Formation and Consequences of Social Capital in Spain"
Mariano Torcal and José Ramón Montero

March 1999
"Class Realtions and Democratization: A Reassessment of Barrington Moore's Model"
J. Samuel Valenzuela

March 1999
"Civil Wars, Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Finland, Spain, and Greece (1918-1949): A Comparative Analysis"
Julián Casanova

June 1999
"Venezuela: Conservative Representation without Conservative Parties"
Michael Coppedge

September 2002
"The Impact of an Indigenous Counterpublic Sphere on the Practice of Democracy: The Taller de Historia Oral Andina in Bolivia"
Marcia Stephenson

June 2001
"Non-Governmental Terrorism in Latin America: Re-Examining Old Assumptions"
Andreas Feldmann and Maiju Perälä

July 2001
"Venezuela después del Caracazo: Formas de la protesta en un contexto desinstitucionalizado"
Margarita Lopez-Maya

July 2001
"Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America: The Argentine Justicialiste Party in Comparative Perspective"
Steven Levitsky

June 2002
"The Labor Movement in Democratic Chile"
Volker K. Frank

September 2002
"Contradiction without Paradox: Evangelical Political Culture in the 1998 Venezuelan Elections"
David Smilde

July 2004
"Myths of the Enemy: Castro, Cuba and Herbert L. Matthews of The New York Times"
Anthony DePalma

October 2004
"Tax Effort and Tax Potential of State Governments in Mexico: A Representative Tax System"
Horacio Sobarzo

March 2005
"Class Formation or Fragmentation? Allegiances and Divisions Among Managers and Workers in State-Owned Enterprises"
Kun-Chin Lin

April 2006
"Sacred Writings, Profane World: Notes on the History of Ideas in Brazil"
Francisco C. Weffort

October 2006
"The Past and Present of Comparative Politics"
Gerardo L. Munck

May 2008
"Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926"
Robert Curley

May 2009
"Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas
Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
Irene Rizzini, María de Los Angeles Torres, and Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo

December 2009
"Institutionalizing Inequality: The Political Origins of Labor Codes in Latin America"
Matthew E. Carnes, SJ

February 2010
"Happy News: Censorship, Nationalism, and Language Ideology in China"
Susan D. Blum

November 2010
Carlos Guevara Mann and Brittmarie Janson Pérez
"El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)"

Cas Mudde
and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
July 2011
"Voices of the Peoples: Populism in Europe and Latin America Compared"

Tiago Fernandes
March 2012
"Civil Society After Dictatorship: a Comparison of Portugal and Spain, 1970s–1990s"

Andrea Pin
April 2016
"The Arab Road to Dignity: The Goal of the 'Arab Spring'"

Sean T. Mitchell
October 2016
"Countdown to an Impasse: Expertise and the Mediation of Inequality at Brazil’s Alcântara Launch Center"

Thea N. Riofrancos
December 2016
"Proleptic Protest: Local Resistance to New  Extractive Projects in Ecuador"

Ana Arjona
June 2017
Rebelocracy: A Theory of Social Order in Civil War




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