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Religion and Society

December 1983
"Anotações para um estudo sobre populismo católico e educação no Brasil"
Vanilda Paiva
Now available in Perspectivas e Dilemas da Educação Popular, ed. Vanilda Paiva, 222-64 (Rio de Janeiro: Graal, 1984).

December 1983
"Varieties of Faith: Religion in Contemporary Nicaragua"
Margaret Crahan
An updated and revised version is available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

December 1983
"The Catholic Youth Workers Movement (JOC) and the Emergence of the Popular Church in Brazil"
Scott Mainwaring
A Portuguese version of this paper is available in Revista Eclesiástica Brasileira 43 (1983): 29-92. A revised version has been published as Chapter VI of The Catholic Church and Politics in Brazil, 1916-1985, Scott Mainwaring, 116-41 (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1986).

December 1983
"Proposal for the Study of the Church's Role in the 1964 Brazilian Political Crisis"
Paulo Krischke
A revised version is available under the title "The Role of the Church in a Political Crisis: Brazil, 1964" in Journal of Church and State 27 (3, Autumn 1985): 403-27.

December 1983
"The New Catholic Church in Latin America-A Conference Report"
Scott Mainwaring

June 1984
"Redemocratization, the Church, and Democracy in Colombia"
Alexander Wilde
Now available in Colombia Beyond the National Front, ed. Bruce Bagley, Francisco Thoumi, and Juan Tokatlian (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1987).

November 1985
"Iglesia peruana: Cambio y continuidad. Naturaleza y sentido de su transformación"
Catalina Romero
Now available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

November 1985
"From Catholic Action to Liberation Theology: The Historical Process of the Laity in Latin America in the Twentieth Century"
Ana María Bidegain

May 1986
Part 1
"The Soul of Chile"
Raúl Cardinal Silva Henríquez
Part 2
"The Imperative of Solidarity"
Monsignor Cristián Precht Bañados
A Spanish version, El alma de Chile, is available from CIEPLAN (Santiago: Ediciones CIEPLAN, 1986).

August 1986
"Private Goods, Public Goods and the Common Good: Another Look at Economics and Ethics in Catholic Social Teaching"
Ernest Bartell, CSC
Now available in The Common Good and US Capitalism, ed. John Houck and Oliver Williams (Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1987).

September 1986
"Religion and Popular Protest in Latin America"
Daniel H. Levine and Scott Mainwaring
Now available in Power and Popular Protest: Latin American Social Movements, ed. Susan Eckstein (University of California Press, 1989).

March 1987
"Creating Neo-Christendom in Colombia"
Alexander Wilde
A revised version is available in Democracy in Latin America, ed. Donald Herman (New York: Praeger, 1988).

August 1987
"Grassroots Catholic Groups and Politics in Brazil, 1964-1985"
Scott Mainwaring
Now available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

November 1988
"The Church and the Abertura in Brazil, 1974-1985"
Ralph Della Cava
A somewhat different version is available in Democratizing Brazil, ed. Alfred Stepan (New York: Oxford University Press, 1989)

August 1989
"Popular Groups, Popular Culture, and Popular Religion"
Daniel H. Levine
A slightly revised version appears in Comparative Studies in Society and History 32 (4, October 1990): 718-64.

May 1991
"The Latin American Church in the Wojtyla Era: New Evangelization or 'Neo-Intergralism'?"
José-María Ghio
A revised version is available in The Right and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Douglas A. Chalmers, Maria do Carmo Campello de Souza, and Atilio A. Borón, 183-201 (Praeger, New York, 1992).

October 1992
"State Subsidization of Catholic Institutions in Brazil, 1930-1964: A Contribution to the Economic and Political History of the Church"
Kenneth P. Serbin

November 1992
"Christian Communities in Chile and Peru"
Michael Fleet

March 1994
"Religious Change and Women's Status in Latin America: A Comparison of Catholic Base Communities and Pentecostal Churches"
Carol Ann Drogus

December 1995
"Catholicism, Anticlericalism, and the Quest for Women's Suffrage in Chile"
Erika Maza Valenzuela
The Spanish version of this paper "Catolicismo, anticlericalismo y la extensión del surfagio a la mujer en Chile," was published in Estudios Públicos 58 (fall 1995).

August 1996
"Church-State Reciprocity in Contemporary Brazil: The Convening of the International Eucharistic Congress of 1955 in Rio de Janeiro"
Kenneth P. Serbin
A revised edition of this paper is available in Hispanic American Historical Review.

January 1998
"The Anatomy of a Death: Repression, Human Rights, and the Case of Alexandre Vannucchi Leme in Authoritarian Brazil"
Kenneth P. Serbin

April 1998
"Why Liberalism? State, Church, and Party in Western Europe"
Andrew C. Gould

February 1999
"The Catholic Church, Religious Pluralism, and Democracy in Brazil"
Kenneth P. Serbin
Now available in Democratic Brazil: Actors, Institutions, and Processes, ed. Peter R. Kingstone and Timothy J. Power (University of Pittsburgh Press, Pitt Latin American Series, 2000).

September 2002
"Contradiction without Paradox: Evangelical Political Culture in the 1998 Venezuelan Elections"
David Smilde

March 2004
"The Violence of "Religion": Examining a Prevalent Myth"
William T. Cavanaugh

October 2006
"A Tale of Two Priests: Three Decades of Liberation Theology in the Brazilian Northeast"
Jan Hoffman French

December 2006
"Latin American Catholicism in an Age of Religious and Political Pluralism: A Framework for Analysis"
Frances Hagopian

February 2007
"Latin America and the Catholic Church: Points of Convergence and Divergence (encontros e desencontros) 1960–2005"
Luiz Alberto Gómez de Souza

March 2007
"The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options"
J. Smauel Valenzuela, Timothy R. Scully, CSC and Nicolás Somma

May 2007
"Confronting Colonialism: Maryknoll Catholic Missionaries in Peru and Guatemala, 1943–1968"
Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens

August 2007
"The Future of Christianity in Latin America"
Daniel H. Levine

May 2008
"Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926"
Robert Curley

December 2009
"Social and Political Effects of Religiosity and Religious Identities in Latin America"
J. Samuel Valenzuela, Timothy R. Scully and Nicolás Somma

December 2009
"Islam and the International Sector: Negotiations of Faith in the Kyrgyz Republic"
Noor Borbieva

Eduardo Posada-Carbó
September 2012
"The Catholic Church, Elections and Democracy In Colombia, 1830–1930"

Amy Reynolds
June 2013
"“With or Without Cafta, We Need a Plan”: A Catholic Response to Free Trade in Costa Rica"

Andrea Pin
April 2016
"The Arab Road to Dignity: The Goal of the 'Arab Spring'"

Kristin Michelitch and Keith R. Weghorst
January 2017
"Islam, Christianity, and Attitudes Toward Women's Political Equality: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa"




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