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December 1998
"What is Globalization? Four Possible Answers"
Simon Reich

September 2003
"Informal Institutions and Comparative Politics: A Research Agenda"
Gretchen Helmke and Steven Levitsky

October 2003
"Political Disaffection and Democratization: History in New Democracies"
Mariano Torcal

March 2004
"The Violence of "Religion": Examining a Prevalent Myth"
William T. Cavanaugh

June 2004
"On the Role of Distance for Outward Foreign Investment"
Peter Egger

July 2004
"Does Lootable Wealth Breed Disorder? A Political Economy of Extraction Framework"
Richard Snyder

January 2005
"Rational Learning and Bounded Learning in the Diffusion of Policy Innovations"
Covadonga Meseguer

April 2005
"Party System Institutionalization and Party System Theory After the Third Wave of Democratization"
Scott Mainwaring and Mariano Torcal

October 2005
"Why Regions of the World are Important: Regional Specificities and Region-Wide Diffusion of Democracy"
Scott Mainwaring and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán

November 2006
"Authoritarian Regimes: Stability, Change, and Pathways to Democracy, 1972–2003"
Axel Hadenius and Jan Teorell

May 2007
"Development Ethics: A Road to Peace"
Adela Cortina

December 2007
"Creating Competition: Patronage Politics and the PRI’s Demise"
Kenneth F. Greene

May 2010
"Exit During Crisis: How Openness, Migration, and Economic Crisis Affect Democratization"
Joseph Wright

July 2010
The Vote Share of New and Young Parties
Scott Mainwaring, Carlos Gervasoni, and Annabella España-Nájera

Nina Wiesehomeier
July 2010
"The Meaning of Left-Right in Latin America: A Comparative View"

J. Samuel Valenzuela
January 2011
"Families, Welfare Institutions and Economic Development: Chile and Sweden an Comparative Perspective"

Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo
January 2011
"Designing Cabinets: Presidential Politics and Cabinet Instability in Latin America"

Isabel de Assis Ribeiro de Oliveira
February 2011
"The Concept of the Common Good in the Iberian Renaissance"

Cas Mudde
and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
July 2011
"Voices of the Peoples: Populism in Europe and Latin America Compared"

Ottón Solís
November 2011
"Subsidizing Multinational Corporations: Is That a Development Policy?"

Manuel Alcántara
June 2012
"Elections in Latin America 2009–2011: A Comparative Analysis"

Jingjing Huo and John D. Stephens
December 2012
"The Corporatist Political Economies: From Industrial Corporatism to the Social Investment State in the Knowledge Intensive Service Economy"

Svend-Erik Skaaning, John Gerring, and Henrikas Bartusevičius
June 2014
"A Lexical Index of Electoral Democracy"

David Altman
June 2014
"Strengthening Democratic Quality: Reactive Deliberation in the Context of Direct Democracy"

Evelyne Huber, Jingjing Huo, and John D. Stephens
April 2015
"Power, Markets, and Top Income Shares"

Andrea Pin
April 2016
"The Arab Road to Dignity: The Goal of the 'Arab Spring'"

Alexandra Guisinger, Bumba Mukherjee, and Benjamin E. Bagozzi
June 2016
"The IMF, Finance Interest Groups, and Capital “Flight” in Developing States"

James Loxton
June 2016
"Authoritarian Successor Parties Worldwide: A Framework for Analysis"

George Tsebelis
January 2017
"The Time Inconsistency of Long Constitutions: Evidence from the World"

Olukunle P. Owolabi
April 2017
"The Developmental Legacies of the Bifurcated Colonial State: Statistical Evidence from Sixty-Seven British, French, and Portuguese Colonies"

May 2017
"Time, Relations and Behaviors: Measuring the Transformative Power of Love-Based Community Life"
Simona Beretta and Mario A. Maggioni




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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