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December 1984
"Agrarian Reform and the Peasantry in the Transition to Socialism in the Third World"
Carmen Diana Deere
A revised version is available under the title "Agrarian Reform, the Organization of Production and Worker-Peasant Participation in the Transition" in Transition and Development: Problems of Third World Socialism, ed. R. Fagen, C.D. Deere, and J.L. Coraggio (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1986).

October 1985
"The Decision to Adopt or Reject New Technologies: A Case Study of Agricultural Development Projects in Zaire"
Mutombo Mpanya

January 1986
"Environment Under Pressure: The Impact of PVO Projects on a Zairian Village"
Mutombo Mpanya

December 1986
"Issues and Perspectives in Tanzanian Industrial Development-With Special Reference to the Role of SADCC"
Kwan S. Kim
Now available in Tanzania after Nyerere, ed. M. Hodd (London: Francis Pinter Publishers, 1988).

April 1990
"The State of Industry in the Third World in the 1980s: Analytical and Policy Issues"
Ajit Singh

August 1992
"The NICs, Global Accumulation and Uneven Development: Implications of a Simple Three-Region Model"
Amitava Krishna Dutt
Now available in World Development 20 (8 August 1992): 115971.

March 1994
"Asian Economic Success and Latin American Failure in the 1980s: New Analyses and Future Policy Implications"
Ajit Singh

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere: A Rapporteurs Report"
Caren Addis and Mathew Verghis

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Distributional Equity in Comparative Perspective"
Kwan S. Kim

July 1996
"Changes in the International Distribution of Income"
Herbert Stocker

August 1996
"A New Discipline: Development Ethics"
Denis Goulet
A version of this paper is forthcoming (in 1997) in Socio-Economics of Community Development in World Perspectives (Festschrift in Honour of the Great Eighteenth-Century Philosopher, Immanuel Kant), Volume II, to be published by MCB University Press, West Yorkshire, England, as a special issue of The International Journal of Social Economics.

September 1996
"Accountability for Past Abuses"
Juan E. Méndez
A version of this paper is forthcoming in the February 1997 issue of Human Rights Quarterly.

March 1997
"Is the Third Wave of Democratization Over? An Empirical Assessment"
Larry Diamond

March 1997
"Is the Third Wave of Democratization Over? The Imperative of Consolidation"
Larry Diamond

April 1997
"Macro Comparisons without pitfalls: A Protocol for Comparative Research"
J. Samuel Valenzuela

April 1998
"The Catching-Up Debate: A Statistical Investigation"
Prabirjit Sarkar

July 1999
"Africa at the Crossroads in the Age of Globalization"
Kwan S. Kim

July 2004
"Does Lootable Wealth Breed Disorder? A Political Economy of Extraction Framework"
Richard Snyder

January 2005
"Rational Learning and Bounded Learning in the Diffusion of Policy Innovations"
Covadonga Meseguer

November 2010
"The Iron Cage of Democracy: Institutional Similarity and Stasis in African Political Party Systems"
Rachel Beatty Riedl

Jacopo Bonan, Philippe LeMay-Boucher, Douglas Scott, Michel Tenikue
May 2015
"Increasing Anti-Malaria Bednets Uptake Using Information and Distribution Strategies: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Senegal"

Wyatt Brooks, Kevin Donovan, Terence R. Johnson
November 2016
"The Dynamics of Inter-Firm Skill Transmission Among Kenyan Microenterprises"

Kristin Michelitch and Keith R. Weghorst
January 2017
"Islam, Christianity, and Attitudes Toward Women's Political Equality: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa"

Olukunle P. Owolabi
April 2017
"The Developmental Legacies of the Bifurcated Colonial State: Statistical Evidence from Sixty-Seven British, French, and Portuguese Colonies"

May 2017
"Time, Relations and Behaviors: Measuring the Transformative Power of Love-Based Community Life"
Simona Beretta and Mario A. Maggioni




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