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Working Paper by Author (K)

Arie M. Kacowicz

December 1998
"Regionalization, Globalization, and Nationalism: Convergent, Divergent, or Overlapping?"

Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser

July 2011
"Voices of the Peoples: Populism in Europe and Latin America Compared"
(w/Cas Mudde)

Terry Lynn Karl

#5 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"Central America in the Twenty-First Century: The Prospects for a Democratic Region"

Charles Kenney

#6 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"Democracy in the Americas: Approaching the Year 2000 (A Rapporteurs' Report)"
(w/Volker Frank)

Anthony Kerrigan

August 1988
"What Are the Newly Literate Reading in Cuba? An 'Individualist' Memoir"

Kwan S. Kim

March 1984
"Industrial Development in Mexico: Problems, Policy Issues and Perspectives"

January 1985
"Industrial Policy and Industrialization in South Korea: 1961-1982: Lessons on Industrial Policies for Other Developing Countries"

March 1986
"Industrialization in Mexico: Issues and Strategies"

September 1986
"Mexico: The Debt Crisis and Options for Development Strategy"

December 1986
"Issues and Perspectives in Tanzanian Industrial Development-With Special Reference to the Role of SADCC"

March 1988
"Foreign Trade and Income Distribution: The Case of Brazil"
(w/Benedict J. Clements)

July 1989
"Foreign Trade and the Distribution of Income in Thailand"
(w/Pornpen Vorasopontaviporn)

January 1990
"Industrialization Process, Employment, and Income Distribution in Mexico: Issues and Strategies"

November 1991
"The Korean Miracle (1962-1980) Revisited: Myths and Realities in Strategy and Development"

June 1992
"The Political Economy of Statism in South Korean Development"

January 1993
"From Trade Liberalization to Economic Integration: The Case of Mexico"
(w/Enrique Dussel Peters)

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Asian Pacific: Issues and Prospects"

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Distributional Equity in Comparative Perspective"

July 1999
"Africa at the Crossroads in the Age of Globalization"

March 2000
"The 1997 Financial Crisis and Governance: The Case of South Korea"

January 2002
"Fujimori's Financiers: How Japan Became the Largest Aid Donor in Latin America and Its Implications for Future Economic Development"
(w/Michael G. Donovan)

Miriam Kornblith

June 1993
"Venezuela: The Life and Times of the Party System"
(w/Daniel H. Levine)

June 2009
"La Revocatoria de Mandato: Lecciones a Partir de la Experiencia Venezolana"

Paulo Krischke

December 1983
"Proposal for the Study of the Church's Role in the 1964 Brazilian Political Crisis"

Daniel Kselman

February 2012
"Electoral Personalism and Economic Policy"




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