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Kellogg Global Leadership Program

The Kellogg Global Leadership Program (GLP) aspires to be a hub for policy-relevant research and training on ethical leadership in the service of democracy and human development. Building on the Kellogg Institute’s research in democracy and human development and its extensive international partnerships, the Kellogg GLP seeks to achieve global impact by developing:

  • Training programs in ethical global leadership in public and civic life for practitioners from developing regions of Africa, Latin America, and beyond.

  • Innovative curricular offerings, including courses in ethical global leadership, for the new Keough School of Global Affairs Master of Global Affairs (MGA) Program.

  • Policy-relevant research that advances the Kellogg Institute’s commitment to democracy and human development; and

  • An interdisciplinary global network of scholars and practitioners of democracy and/or human development.

Rooted in the Kellogg Institute’s distinctive approach to uniting rigorous empirical work with deep normative reflection, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program advances training and research across four areas of inquiry:

  • The orientation of global leadership to the common good;

  • The interaction between leadership and the internal ethics of an organization;

  • The role of human dignity in envisioning integrated models of global leadership;

  • The role of faith, religion, and spirituality for forming and informing ethical leadership.

Leadership Training Programs

Kellogg Global Leadership Program training seminars promote dialogue, skill development, and interdisciplinary understanding among emerging leaders and mid-level professionals from Africa, Latin America, and beyond. Engaging leaders across the public, private, nonprofit, and religious sectors, the training programs aim to deepen participants’ expertise, applied knowledge, and analytic skills while facilitating dialogue on critical global issues with Kellogg faculty fellows and other experts.

GLPIn April 2017, the Kellogg GLP, together with Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI), will host a seminar and training program in ethical leadership for young leaders from Argentina. A collaboration with the Argentine Center for Research and Social Action (CIAS), the program builds upon a similar training seminar cosponsored with CIAS and IEI in spring 2016.

Similarly, in October 2016, Kellogg and the Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development hosted the month-long visit of young business and social entrepreneurs from Latin America, in collaboration with the US Department of State’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program.

Both the CIAS and YLAI programs are models for the ongoing development of Kellogg GLP seminars, which can be tailored to an organization’s needs and/or to engagement with specific contemporary issues within the broad thematic areas of democracy and development.

Innovative Curricular Offerings

Within the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program will generate new curricular offerings, including contributing to courses in ethical global leadership for the MGA program.

In 2018, the Institute will launch a semester-long master’s course focusing on leadership as it relates to key themes in democracy and development. The course will feature short-term visits by preeminent global leaders who will deliver public lectures, interact with faculty and students, and take part in intensive MGA seminars.

GLPKellogg anticipates developing additional MGA and undergraduate courses in ethical leadership through the engagement of distinguished GLP visitors and Kellogg faculty fellows.

Policy-Relevant Research

Through the collaboration of international leaders and the Kellogg scholarly community, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program aspires to advance a body of practical scholarship related to effective, ethical leadership in public life. Curricula, case studies, and policy papers are key avenues by which the Kellogg GLP will engage questions of public and civic life, thereby contributing to the real-world impact of Kellogg research on democracy and human development.

A Global Network of Scholars and Practitioners

Building on the Kellogg Institute’s expansive international partnerships, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program aims to promote dialogue between the Kellogg scholarly community and global leaders across the public, private, nonprofit, and faith-based sectors. Through seminars, curricula, and research, the Kellogg GLP advances a collaborative network for engaging issues of critical importance to the practice of democracy and human development.




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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