On Saturday, June 24, 2017...

As many explained and I came to expect, my work in Uganda has not been exactly what I anticipated. I have been engaging in both data collection and physical project work. On a typical day, I head to Uganda Martyrs University around 9:30 a.m. and work until around 3:00 p.m., then head back to the guesthouse. In the afternoon, I often head into Fort Portal to spend time outside of the house or shop at the supermarket/market for groceries. Depending on the day, I sometimes do not go to Uganda Martyrs University, but instead head into to town to conduct interviews with an administrator at Mountains of the Moon University. We have completed interviews of vendors of imported energy devices regarding the economics of purchasing and operating diesel generators and solar panels. We are now in the process of interviewing standard shops (e.g. barber shops, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, etc.) regarding their energy needs and services. We will use this data to compare traditional energy generation trends with localized generation methods, i.e. the systems constructed at Uganda Martyrs University.

As far as my time here in Uganda goes, I have adjusted better than I expected. There was some initial culture shock of course, but I have since become much more comfortable. At this point in the trip, I have developed a relatively nice routine. For meals, I either cook at the guesthouse using local foods from the grocery store and produce from the market or head into town for local restaurants and cafes. I comfortably go on outdoor runs around 3 times a week and, at least once a week and I often play soccer or ultimate frisbee with students at Uganda Martyrs after work.


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