Matthew Vale is a Notre Dame doctoral student in Systematic Theology (major area) and World Religions and World Church (minor area). His work in Systematics focuses on contemporary matters in Christology, Trinitarian theology, and German idealism’s continuing influence on these. His minor area work, more directly related to the focus of the Kellogg Institute, is in Tibetan Buddhist thought and ritual culture, and in Christianity’s comparative theological exchange with Buddhism. Matthew previously earned his Master’s of Theological Studies at Notre Dame and his Bachelor’s at Rice University. He lives in South Bend with his wife, Beáta, and son, Elias.

Current Research

My minor area of research in theology is in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. This work is connected with Kellogg's core themes inasmuch as the status of democracy and of linguistic and religious minorities in China is centrally relevant to the survival and geographical distribution of Tibetan religious cultures. Chinese culturally imperialist policy vis-a-vis Tibet has been the most important factor in the development of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for the last eighty years now. It's important for me to keep track of the changing situation of Chinese rule, and especially its policies for economic development and for displacing ethnic and linguistic minorities.