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Haitian Studies Association 26th Annual Conference
Migration, Crossing Boundaries, Paths Forward

November 6-8, 2014

Notre Dame Sessions at HSA

See a list of Notre Dame activities below. For a complete schedule of all Haitian Studies Association events, click here.

Thursday, November 6

10:00am - 10:15am

Opening Reception with the Haitian Studies Association Board Members

Location: Hesburgh Center Great Hall

5:00pm - 6:00pm


Location: Hesburgh Center Great Hall

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Presidential Reception

Location: DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Browning Cinema Lobby

François Pierre-Louis, President, Haitian Studies Association
Nicholas Entrikin, Vice-President for Internationalization, University of Notre Dame 
Karen Richman, Chair, Site Committee, University of Notre Dame

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Film Screening

Location: DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Browning Cinema
Fatal Assistance, (English Version 2013, 99 min)
Screenplay and direction by Raoul Peck

Friday, November 7, 2014

Art Exhibit Showing Throughout the Weekend

Haitian Vernacular Art: Fer Forgé by Georges Liautaud

Location: Galería América, McKenna Hall

9:00am - 10:30am

Opening Ceremony

Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

François Pierre-Louis
, President, Haitian Studies Association
Steve Reifenberg, Executive Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies
Marc Prou, Executive Director, Haitian Studies Association

Keynote Address

Sponsored by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame

Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Vice-President, Haitian Studies Association
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Alix Cantave, Program Officer, Kellogg Foundation
Forging Paths Forward in Absence of Lights

10:55am - 12:10pm

Concurrent Sessions – 1 

Session 1-A: Transnational Haitian Identities: The Exotic and the Erotic in the Work of Dany Laferrière

Location:  McKenna Hall, Room 214

Annie Rhodes (University of Notre Dame)
I had always been attracted to the South: Haitian Exchanges on the Big Screen

Lauren LaMore (University of Notre Dame)
As if I had never left: Returning to the Unrecognizable in Dany Laferrière's Pays sans chapeau and L'Enigme du retour
Alison Rice (University of Notre Dame) (Chair)
I am from the country of my readers: Dany Laferrière as a Haitian Japanese Writer

HaitiSession 1-B: Dynamics of Health

Location:  McKenna Hall, Room 212

Pascal Jean-Pierre (University of Notre Dame)
Peter Kowalski (University of Notre Dame)
Proposal for a Mental Health Initiative in Haiti
Bernard Paul Evens (Enstiti Travay Sosyal ak Syans Sosyal)
An Explanation of Malnutrition in Haiti
Annie Secleifer (University of Notre Dame)
Impact of Fortified Salt on Lymphatic Filariasis in Batey 7 of Dominican Republic: A Model of Binational Cooperation to Eliminate an Island-spread Infection
Thomas Streit (University of Notre Dame)
Culturally Appropriate Public Health: Grassroots Approaches Resonate Across Borders

Session 1-C: Common Good Initiative Roundtable on Graduate Education and Community-Based Learning in Haiti

Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

Robert Pfunder (University of Notre Dame) (Chair)
Julie Dallavis (University of Notre Dame)
Emily Dubie (University of Notre Dame)
Daniel Escher (University of Notre Dame)
Marie Hollister (University of Notre Dame)

Session 1-D: Identity Politics and Development

Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C103

Brian Averill (Carnegie Mellon University)
Chelsea Cormier McSwiggin (Brown University)
Democratic Paths Forward: Indigenizing Space and Political Coalition Building among Haitians in South Florida
Valerie Kaussen (University of Missouri)
Information Society, Development, and Haitian Culture
Elena Mangione-Lora (University of Notre Dame)
The Development of Haitian Creole and Emerging Cultural Identity

1:30pm - 2:45pm

Concurrent Sessions – 2

Session 2-B: Rebuilding, Recovery, Resilience: Creating Lasting Solutions to Vulnerabilities Exposed in the 2010 Earthquake

Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Alexandros Taflanidis
(University of Notre Dame)
Dustin Mix (University of Notre Dame)
Nathalie Liautaud (Pan American Development Foundation) 
Jean Edson and Lamarre Presuma (Engineering2Empower)
Jonathan Schommer (University of Notre Dame)

2:55pm - 4:10pm

Concurrent Sessions – 3

Session 3-A: Education in the Era of Internationalization: Leveraging Private, Public, Domestic, and International Partners in the Renewal of Haiti’s Educational System

Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

Kate Schuenke-Lucien (University of Notre Dame)

TJ D’Agostino (University of Notre Dame)  
Private Haitian Universities as Innovators and Collaborators
Pierre Peralte Tessono (University of Notre Dame)
Creative Collaboration A Case Study of Cross-Sector Partnerships in Improving the Quality of Education in Haiti
Yves Voltaire (Public University of Nippes at Miragôane)
International Church and Domestic Transformations

HaitiSession 3-E: Roundtable: After Achin Report: ND-EGI Business Plan Competition

Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

John Henry
, University of Notre Dame

Robert Meara
, University of Notre Dame
Matt Benscoter, University of Notre Dame
Kushal Toshniwal, University of Notre Dame

4:30pm - 5:45pm

Concurrent Sessions – 4

Session 4-B: Roundtable: Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) MDA Strategies and Challenges in Haiti. Efforts to Eliminate an Infection that Crosses Borders

Location: McKenna Hall, Room 212

James Reimer (University of Notre Dame
Luccene Desir (University of Notre Dame)
Thomas Streit (University of Notre Dame)
Marie Denise Milord (University of Notre Dame) (Chair)
Earl Carter (University of Notre Dame)

Session 4-D: Quantification of Perceived Vulnerability and Barriers to Recovery of the Urban Housing Sector in Post-Quake Haiti

Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C102

Tracy Kijewski-Correa (University of Notre Dame)

Jonny Jean (Building Grace International)
Ryan Iafigliola (Fuller Center)

Session 4-F: Dominican Republic: Sister Nation?

Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Pierre Minn (Université de Montréal)
Marisel Moreno (University of Notre Dame)
Blood Borders: Writing Against the Denationalization of Dominicans of Haitian Descent in the DR
Renauld Govain (Université d'Etat d'Haïti and Guertie Dorcil, Université d'Etat d'Haïti - Recipient of the Emerging Scholars Award)
Cohabitation harmonieuse du créole et de l’espagnol à Bombita en République Dominicaine
Claudy Delné (Independent Scholar)
Réévaluer les représentations littéraires de la migration haïtienne en Républicaine dominicaine et le massacre des Haïtiens de 1937 chez Jacques Stephen Alexis, René Philoctète et Edwidge Danticat

Haiti7:00pm - 9:30pm

Cultural Event

Location: Snite Museum, Annenberg Auditorium

Karen Richman
, University of Notre Dame  

In memory of Doug Bradley, former Curator of Haitian Art

Film Screening

Location: Snite Museum, Annenberg Auditorium
The documentary will be followed by a student-led Discussion with members of the University of Notre Dame’s Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy group.

Saturday, November 8

8:30am - 4:30pm


Location: Hesburgh Center Great Hall

9:00am - 10:15am

Concurrent Sessions – 5

Session 5-A: Identity, Language, and Pedagogy

Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

Marc Prou (University of Massachusetts Boston)
Albert Valdman (Indiana University Creole Institute)
Language and Education in Haiti: Reviving the Réforme Bernard
Elsie Hector Hernandez (Haitian American Museum of Chicago)
The Role of Language in the Identity Formation of Haitians and Haitian
Thomas Davies (University of Notre Dame)
Convergent Pedagogy as a Path Forward in French Education

Session 5-D: Promoting Development in the Health and Housing Sectors in Haiti: The Perspectives of Three Engaged Students

Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C103

Steve Reifenberg
(University of Notre Dame)
Erik Jensen (University of Notre Dame)
Efforts to Rebuild: Linking Actors in the “Republic of NGOs"
Kevin Fink (University of Notre Dame)
The Role of Universities in the Search for Sustainable Housing in Haiti
Deandra Cadet (University of Notre Dame)
Accompaniment at the State Level: Walking Together with Governmental Institutions

Session 5-E: Haitian Transnational Migration in Old and New Spaces: Student-Faculty Collaborative Research in Guadeloupe, Ecuador, Boston, and Haiti

Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Andrew Scruggs (University of Notre Dame)
Legal Vulnerability of Haitian Immigrants in Guadeloupe
Ellen Hurley
(University of Notre Dame)
The Development of Haitian Migration to South America
Karen Richman (University of Notre Dame) (Chair)
To Live in Haiti You Have to Search for Life Outside Producing Migrants, Consuming Remittances in Léogane

12:00pm - 1:30 pm

Women’s Caucus Luncheon

Location: Oak Dining Room
Short Reading
A scene from Lafami Bonplezi by University of Notre Dame students
Featured Speaker

Altagracia Jean-Joseph (MOSTCHA)
Sponsored by The Haiti Illumination Project




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