Women, Faith and Resistance in Palestine: An Oral History of the Women who Shaped Palestinian Liberation Theology

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Palestinian Liberation Theology (PLT) describes the unique way Palestinian Christians have practiced a faith-based commitment to nonviolence, while also advocating for a just peace in Israel-Palestine. Most research on this topic has focused on the written work of Palestinian theologians, which has privileged male voices. This project explores how women have historically shaped PLT through conducting interviews with women who were involved with PLT in its early years. This research focuses on three central questions: 1) How did women in this movement understand the relationship between faith and nonviolent resistance? 2) Where do their stories converge and diverge with the written histories of Palestinian liberation theology? 3) How might their narratives shed light on contemporary nonviolent resistance in Palestine today? This research aims to center women’s voices in the history of PLT, and contribute to the broader literature on the involvement of women in nonviolent resistance movements.


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