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Grants for Kellogg Faculty Fellows

The Kellogg Institute provides funding for an array of faculty initiatives, including research projects, working groups, and research conferences and workshops.

Proposals are evaluated four times per academic year by a faculty Grants Committee. 

Proposal submission deadlines for the 2017–18 academic year follow:
Mon, Oct 2, 2017
Mon, Dec 4, 2017
Mon, Feb 12, 2017
Mon, Apr 9, 2017

Prior to submitting a proposal, applicants are encouraged to contact the Institute to discuss the proposed activity.  Sharon Schierling, Associate Director (1-8524; serves as the primary contact and can direct inquiries to other staff members who can provide additional assistance.

Research Grants

Individual and collaborative research grants to support summer and academic-year research by Kellogg faculty fellows in all disciplines.

Research Clusters

Within its broad research themes of democracy and human development, the Kellogg Institute is launching an initiative to support and invest in a select number of faculty-led “Research Clusters” in distinctive focal areas of high-impact, mission-driven research and programming.  Through these Research Clusters, we plan to direct Kellogg investments and energies in concentrated ways to promote innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research in key focal areas that promise to generate sustained, dynamic collaborations and multiple scholarly outputs on issues closely aligned with the Institute’s core research themes.

Grants for Conferences and Events

Support Kellogg faculty fellows to organize research conferences and workshops, invite guest lecturers, or arrange extracurricular events such as lectures, seminars, and film series.

Grants for Working Groups

Promote intellectual collaboration and innovation in a group format. Chaired by faculty fellows, working groups put together a package of activities—such as reading groups, speakers, mini-conferences, or development of proposals for major conferences or research projects—that advance scholarship in a particular area of focus.

Grants to Support Faculty Fellows’ Projects in the Arts

Support artistic projects such as performances and exhibitions that engage the Notre Dame community in international themes.

Grants for Notre Dame Faculty

Course Development Grants

Encourage Notre Dame faculty members to expand undergraduate course offerings in areas of interest to Kellogg.

International Educational Opportunity Grants

Provide limited support for faculty-led student travel in connection with for-credit course offerings or other well-defined educational opportunities.

Intramural Grants

Grants for activities and events organized by Notre Dame faculty members and/or staff not affiliated with the Institute, and by students.

Luksburg Foundation Collaborative Grants Program

A joint project of the Kellogg Institute and Notre Dame International, the Luksburg Foundation Collaborative Grants Program aims to encourage Notre Dame faculty and staff to find new ways to engage with colleagues from Chile’s Pontifical Catholic University on research, exchanges, and conferences. Grants of up to $10,000 (and for large team-based projects, $20,000) are available; click link above for more information.

Global Collaboration Initiative (GCI) International Research Funding

A project of Notre Dame International, the GCI will award funding for initiatives in international research, scholarship, and collaboration with major foreign universities and research organizations.




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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