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Global Speakers Program

The Kellogg Institute’s Global Speakers Program matches Notre Dame students who have experience living in the developing world with local K–12 classrooms. These ambassadors can add a sense of excitement and authenticity to the curriculum by presenting photos and stories about life in other countries. Read about this semester’s speakers by clicking on their names below.

Students are willing to go to schools in the immediate Notre Dame area. There is no fee, but schools are asked to provide appropriate audio-visual equipment for the presentation. We request a minimum of two weeks advanced notice to schedule a speaker.

Presenter Suggestions

  • Be sure you have signed and turned in the waiver before you go.
  • Always notify Kellogg Outreach when you are going to speak at a school. 
  • Double check what time the teacher wants you in the school, not what time the class starts.  You will have to check in at an office first.
  • The teacher should always be in the classroom when you are there. 

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Teachers Checklist

Once Kellogg has matched you with a speaker, we ask that you communicate directly with the speaker.   Here is a list of things to think about to help the event go smoothly.

  • Tell the speaker the time that you would like them to be at the school and when the class ends. 
  • Give a very specific description of your class to the speaker.  Include information about the learning level of the group and exactly what topics you would like to have covered.
  • Prepare your class by covering some background information ahead of time.           
  • Have your students think of questions they will want to ask.

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