Global Leadership Program

What’s missing in today’s leaders?

Challenged by the crisis of leadership in the world today, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program (GLP) develops reflective and values-driven leaders who advance the common good. How do we strengthen our inner capacities to make positive and lasting change in the world?

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forming the HEARTS and informing the MINDS that transform the WORLD

With the vision of founding director Rev. Daniel Groody, CSC, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program prepares emerging and transitioning leaders to enact social transformation around critical global issues, grounding leaders in the values of discernment, empathy, judgment, and courage to create lasting community through mentorship and accompaniment.

Achieving Global Impact

The Kellogg Global Leadership Program endeavors to address critical moral and social issues of our times through the development of:


Curriculum and Pedagogical Development: Creating innovative curricula and pedagogical approaches to leadership formation for Keough School of Global Affairs master’s students and for leaders from around the world.


Narrative Development: Identifying and documenting narratives of effective leaders who challenge today’s operative pathways of leadership and offer new insight into authentic leadership.


Partnership Development: Building a global network of institutions, thought leaders, scholars, and practitioners who advance our vision of ethical, reflective leadership in the world.
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Leadership Training

Leadership Development: Designing seminars in reflective leadership for practitioners from developing regions of Africa, Latin America, and beyond.

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