Summer Internship Program

Notre Dame undergraduate students who seek a challenging, real-world experience that utilizes their academic interests and skills should consider applying for the Kellogg Summer Internship Program.  Students work with non-governmental organizations and policy institutes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States, where they learn about the needs and challenges facing developing countries while offering their skills and talents to work toward sustainable goals. Participation in the program allows students to improve their language skills, deepen their understanding of developing countries and gain real world experience in the field.


Courage—The whole summer was an incredible learning experience. It taught me that grassroots organizations are much more complex than I had ever realized, and that it’s important to temper my expectations. I would not trade my experience for anything and know it has affected how I think about development and what I plan to do with my future.

-John Gibbons ’14 (Chinese/political science)



New this year

InternsThis year the Institute will offer many awards for entrepreneurial internships, meaning that students will find the organization and begin dialogue to create a dynamic internship related to their academic program.  Students seeking advice as to how to find an internship organization should click here. Students using this option should meet with Holly Rivers or Cori Tallman as early as possible to ensure that their organization is eligible for funding.

As in previous years, the Institute maintains a partnership with a handful of organizations, which reserve spots for Notre Dame students. Students may apply for these internships in lieu of the entrepreneurial option. Note that these spots are highly competitive and only students whose academic program and skills best match the organizations’ needs will be selected for these internships. Learn more about Kellogg Partnerships.


Students will spend a minimum of eight weeks working with the internship organization. (Applicants seeking summer programs for a duration of less than eight weeks should consider the Experiencing the World Fellowships - freshmen and sophomores - or the Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grants - juniors.)

Dates for entrepreneurial internships will be determined between the student and the host organization.

The dates of internships with Kellogg partners vary depending on the program.  Some programs have set requirements while dates for other organizations are arranged between the supervisor and the intern. Applicants should check the Kellogg Partnerships pages for specific information.

Students receive an award to cover most expenses including transportation, living expenses, vaccinations, visas, etc. While funding, in some cases, may exceed expenses, students should NOT expect to receive extra funding.

Students selected for the program will begin preparing for their summer experience through a series of orientations with the Institute as well as with their host organization.


The program seeks students who have the academic interests, skills and initiative that best match the needs of the host organization, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship for both the students and the organization.  Applicants must be able to clearly articulate the relationship between their academic and career goals and the work needed at the host organization.

InternsEntrepreneurial internships – Applicants should work closely with the host organization to ensure that the application adequately explains the relationship of the student’s skills to the needs of the organization.

Kellogg Partner Internships - Applicants should read over the descriptions on the Kellogg Partnerships pages as well as the final reports of previous interns and should attend an information meeting. Students applying for an internship with a Kellogg partner should carefully review the requirements and needs of the host organization. Applicants may also contact previous interns with questions.
Kellogg internships are available to Notre Dame undergraduate students. Students are not eligible for more than one award.


Students applying for internships should be highly motivated, self-starters with a great deal of initiative and the ability to think creatively. Most internships require students to develop projects (with guidance from the host organization) and to problem-solve in determining how to complete the project.

Students should have a good working command of the language of the country where they will intern and good general background knowledge of the region. Most US-based internships require proficiency in a second language (usually Spanish). Specific skills are required for individual organizations. For more information about requirements with Kellogg Partnerships, click here.

—Despite feeling overwhelmed at times and experiencing many challenges, this was one of the most rewarding summers I’ve ever had. The experience was more than just learning. It was about living in another culture and being present with the locals.

-Brittany Gibler ’14 (finance)

For questions about the program contact Holly Rivers or Cori Tallman.

The deadline has passed. Applicants will be updated about their status by the end of March.