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Current Faculty Research

Research by Kellogg faculty fellows is at the top of the list for Institute funding. We also support an array of international studies initiatives led by Kellogg fellows or Notre Dame faculty more generally, including working groups, conferences and events, faculty-led student travel, and new course development.

Academic Year 2014–2015

Funding for Research and Its Dissemination

Faculty Fellow Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Leo E. and Patti Ruth Linbeck Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Faculty Fellow Alexandros Taflinidis, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
"Retrofitting ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’: Redefining Post-Disaster Sheltering Programs for the Developing World"

Faculty Fellow David Nickerson, Associate Professor of Political Science
Do Rumors of Ballot Monitoring Decrease Belief in Ballot Secrecy?”    

Faculty Fellow Rev. Robert S. Pelton, CSC, Emeritus Professor of Theology
Publication of Romero International Consultation meeting

Research Conferences, Events, and Symposia

Faculty Fellow Joseph Kaboski, David F. and Erin M. Seng Foundation Professor of Economics
Midwest Development Days, December 2014

Faculty Fellow Karen E. Richman, Director of Academic Programs, Institute for Latino Studies
Haitian Studies Association Conference at Notre Dame November 6–8, 2014

Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture (NDCAC)
Day of the Dead Event: “Remembering the Undocumented Across the Rio Grande"

Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)
Lecture: “Does Insider Trading Law Violate Human Rights?

International Educational Opportunity Grants

Jennifer Robichaud, Assistant Teaching Professor of Biological Sciences
Timmy Global Health: Fall Trip to Quito, Ecuador

Kellogg Institute Working Groups

Faculty Fellow Amitava Krishna Dutt, Professor of Economics and Political Science
Faculty Fellow Georges Enderle, John T. Ryan Jr. Chair in International Business Ethics        
Well-Being, Economic Performance and Inequality Working Group

Faculty Fellow Catherine Bolten, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Peace Studies
Faculty Fellow Erin McDonnell, Kellogg Assistant Professor of Sociology          
Africa Working Group” (renewal)

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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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