Current Faculty Research

Research by Kellogg faculty fellows is at the top of the list for Institute funding. We also support an array of international studies initiatives led by Kellogg fellows or Notre Dame faculty more generally, including working groups, conferences and events, faculty-led student travel, and new course development.

Fall 2012–Spring 2013

Funding for Research and Its Dissemination

Faculty Fellow Simeon Alder (economics) was awarded a grant to present his work on dynamic sorting at the Society for Economic Dynamics (SED) Annual Meeting in June 2013 in South Korea.

Faculty Fellow Jaimie Bleck (political science) was awarded funding for “Mali Elections 2013: Grassroots Perspectives on a Critical Juncture.” She also received a grant to present a coauthored paper on public opinion in the aftermath of the Malian coup and secessionist insurgency at the 2013 Western Political Science Association Conference in Los Angeles.

Faculty Fellow Susan Blum (anthropology) received funding for editorial assistance to publish the proceedings from the Kellogg-supported conference, “Learning In and Out of School: Education across the Globe.”

Faculty Fellow Michael Coppedge (political science) received renewed funding through a collaborative faculty grant for the multi-year Varieties of Democracy project.

Faculty Fellow Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC, (political science) was awarded a grant to explore an alternative to expensive and ineffective international election observers. Utilizing a randomized controlled trial in Kenya, he and his collaborators seek to create a cost-effective, scientifically rigorous method that civil society groups can use to detect and reduce election fraud.

Faculty Fellow Larissa Fast (sociology) received funding for the “Security in Numbers Database Project (SiND).”

Faculty Fellow Rev. Daniel G. Groody, CSC,  (theology) received funding to produce a video documentary on Syrian refugees and the Church’s response to the global refugee crisis. The project will include interviews in refugee camps in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

Faculty Fellow Victoria Tin-bor Hui (political science) received support to compile a dataset for her book project, “What Is ‘China’? Zhongguo Between ‘Central States’ and the ‘Middle Kingdom.’” She is analyzing quantitative data on wars in China from 221 BC to AD 1911.  

Faculty Fellow Tracy Kijewski-Correa (civil engineering and geological sciences) and Faculty Fellow Alexandros Taflanidis (civil and environmental engineering and earth sciences) received support for their investigation in Haiti: “In-Situ Technology Incubators to Accelerate Sustainable Development Solutions: Can the Communities We Serve Become Their Own Engines of Innovation?”

Faculty Fellow Kwan Kim (economics) received support to present the paper “Growth, Environment, and Sustainable Development: The Case of China” at the Third Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2013 in Osaka, Japan.

Faculty Fellow Semion Lyandres (history) was awarded funding to present research on Russia’s 1917 Revolution at the annual meeting of the Study Group of the Russian Revolution, held at the University of East Anglia in the UK in January 2013.

Faculty Fellow Rahul Oka (anthropology) received funding to ready for publication the inaugural issue of the journal Economic Anthropology, “Social Economies of Greed and Excess,” which he is coediting.

Faculty Fellow Emilia Justyna Powell (political science) received funding for “Poland’s Domestic Laws and International Courts.”

Faculty Fellow Karen Richman (Institute for Latino Studies) received a grant to present her work on migration and wealth in Haitian Pentecostal churches at the Haitian Studies Association Meeting in New York and at the Latin American Studies Association in Washington, DC.

Faculty Fellow Vania Smith-Oka (anthropology) received funding for “A Longitudinal Study of Mexican Medical Student Training and Its Effect on Empathy in Medical Care.”

Faculty Fellow Jeff Thurk (economics) received funding to present research on the market effects of patent reform in the US semiconductor industry at the Society for Economic Dynamics’ (SED) Annual Meeting South Korea in June 2013, as well as to present a coauthored case study of one-size-fits-all pricing policy at the Conference on Industrial Organization in Tokyo in July.

Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo (political science) received a grant for “Retroactive Justice and Criminal Violence in New Democracies: A Cross-National Study of Third Wave Democracies.”

Faculty Fellow Juan Vitulli (Romance languages and literatures) received funding to present his book Unstable Bridge: The Construction of the Creole Authority in the Works of Juan de Espinosa Medrano at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima.

Faculty Fellow Todd Whitmore (theology and anthropology) received funding to aid in the transcription of interviews with residents of camps for internally displaced persons for his project, “Acholi Voices: Democratizing the War Testimony of Northern Uganda.”

Research Conferences, Events, and Symposia

Law School JSD candidates Soledad Bertelsen, Pablo Gonzalez, and Pier Pigozzi received funding to organize an international conference that will bring together legal scholars from across the Americas at Notre Dame in April to discuss current constitutional trends on human rights in Latin America.

Faculty Fellow Douglass Cassel (law) was awarded funding for a “Right to Peace” workshop, which, will convene experts to evaluate and provide written input to the UN Human Rights Committee on the draft of the UN Declaration on the Right to Peace. Cosponsored by the Spanish Association for International Human Rights Law, the workshop will be held in April 2013 at Notre Dame.

Faculty Fellow Paolo Carozza (law) received funding for the conference, “Pacem in Terris: After 50 years,” held in Chicago in April. Participants evaluated Pope John XIII’s encyclical in light of developments influencing the way states and other global actors seek to achieve a just and peaceful political and economic order.

Carozza also received support to bring together 12 scholars and judges for a July 2013 conference in Florence, Italy, to discuss his coauthored book manuscript, “Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context.”

Faculty Fellow Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC (political science) received funding for “Justice for Africa; Justice for the World,” the 30th anniversary conference of the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), which took place at Notre Dame in March 2013, addressing topics such as international aid, climate change, restorative justice, and human trafficking.

Faculty Fellow Lionel M. Jensen (East Asian languages and cultures) received a grant to organize “China, the Chinese and the World: Trajectories of Change.” To be held in May 2013 at Notre Dame, the international forum will foster expert discussion of economic and foreign policy trends emerging from the leadership transition underway in China.

Faculty Fellow Joseph Kaboski (economics) received a grant to organize a spring 2013 lecture series on development economics in order to introduce the campus community to some of the best work currently being done in the field.

Faculty Fellow Scott Mainwaring (political science) received support for the research conference “Party Systems in Latin America: Institutionalization, Decay & Collapse,” to be held at Notre Dame in June 2014.

Faculty Fellows Jaime Pensado (history) and Allert Brown-Gort (Kellogg Institute) received a grant to organize the Mexico Working Group’s second undergraduate student research conference, to be held in April.

Faculty Fellow Rev. Timothy Scully, CSC, (political science) received funding for a research conference in honor of David and Ruth Collier—“A New Critical Juncture? Changing Patterns of Interest Representation and Regime Politics in Contemporary Latin America”—to be held at Notre Dame in April 2014.

Faculty Fellow Vania Smith-Oka (anthropology) received funding for the fall 2013 launch of the book Shaping the Motherhood of Indigenous Mexico.

Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo (political science) received funding for a two-day international workshop to discuss his policy paper, “Mexico’s Criminal Wars: An Analytic Report.”

Kellogg Institute Working Groups

Promoting interdisciplinary inquiry on innovative research themes or topical issues

Faculty Fellow Michael Coppedge (political science) received continued support for the ongoing Democracy Working Group.

Faculty Fellow Karen Graubart (history) received continued funding for the Latin American History Working Group.

Faculty Fellow Paul Ocobock (history) received renewed funding for the Africa Working Group.

Faculty Fellow Karen Richman (Institute for Latino Studies) and Jorge Bustamante (sociology) received continued support for the Migration Working Group, which investigates migrants’ transnational civil engagement and political participation, particularly in the Americas.

International Educational Opportunity Grants

Support for faculty-led student travel

Associate Professor of Theology Matthew Ashley and Faculty Fellow Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP (theology), received funding a graduate student trip to Peru in spring 2013 to explore issues of theology, democracy, and human development in the environment that gave birth to liberation theology. Students will deepen their engagement with modes of theological inquiry that interact with the social sciences.

Faculty Fellow Viva Bartkus (business) received renewed support for her ongoing teaching and research initiative, “Business on the Frontlines,” which examines the role of business in rebuilding war-torn economies. In collaboration with partner Catholic Relief Services, students and faculty will this year undertake case studies of Cambodia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

Faculty Fellow Tracy Kijeski-Correa (civil engineering and geological sciences) received a grant to enable engineering students to return to last year’s field site, Nicaragua, to construct a footbridge in another rural community as part of the ongoing effort Notre Dame Students Empowering through Engineering (NDSEED).

Lucien Steil (architecture) received funding for the School of Architecture fifth-year studio program held in Panama during summer 2013.

Samir Younés (architecture) received funding for the Architecture in Cuba program.

Course Development Grant

Faculty Fellow Rahul Oka (anthropology) received funding to develop a new gateway course for the Institute’s minor in International Development Studies.

Research Archive