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Selected Faculty Publications

Featured Books


Democracies and Dictatorships in Latin America: Emergence, Survival, and Fall (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
Scott P. Mainwaring


The Preferential Option for the Poor beyond Theology (University of Notre Dame Press, 2013)
Rev. Daniel G. Groody, CSC and Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP (editors)

In the Company of the Poor (Orbis Books, 2013) with Paul Farmer
Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP

The Fall of Tsarism: Untold Stories of the February 1917 Revolution (Oxford University Press, 2013)
Semion Lyandres

Rebel Mexico: Student Unrest and Authoritarian Poltiical Culture During the Long Sixties (Stanford University Press, 2013)
Jaime Pensado

Cuba Inside Out: Revolution and Contemporary Theatre (Southern Illinois University Press, 2013)
Yael Prizant

Shaping the Motherhood of Indigenous Mexico (Vanderbilt University Press, 2013)
Vania Smith-Oka

Genocide Matters: Ongoing Issues and Emerging Perspectives, coedited with Joyce Apsel (Routledge, 2013)
Ernesto Verdeja

Globalization, Social Movements, and Peacebuilding, coedited with Jackie Smith (Syracuse University Press, 2013), in the series Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution, ed., Robert A. Rubinstein
Ernesto Verdeja

Responding to Genocide: The Politics of International Action, coedited with Adam Lupel (Lynne Rienner, 2013)
Ernesto Verdeja

Instable Puente. La construcción del letrado criollo en las obras de Juan de Espinosa Medrano (University of North Carolina Press, 2013)
Juan Vitulli

Other Publications of Note

Jeffrey Bergstrand

  • “Gravity Redux: Estimation of Gravity-Equation Coefficients, Elasticities of Substitution, and General Equilibrium Comparative Statics under Asymmetric Bilateral Trade Costs” (coauthored with Peter Egger), Journal of International Economics 89, 1 (2013).

  • “What Determines BITs?” with Peter Egger in the Journal of International Economics 90, 1 (May 2013).

Susan D. Blum

  • Editor, Making Sense of Language: Readings in Culture and Communication, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Sarah Zukerman Daly

  • “State Strategies in Multiethnic Territories: Explaining Variation in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc,” British Journal of Political Science. Published electronically February 12, 2013. doi:

Amitava Dutt

  • Economics and Ethics: An Introduction (coauthored with Charles Wilber), revised and expanded paperback edition (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2013).

  • “Endogenous Technological Change in Classical-Marxian Models of Growth and Distribution,” in T. Michl, A. Rezai and L. Taylor, eds., Social Fairness and Economics: Economic Essays in the Spirit of Duncan Foley (Routledge, 2013).

  • “The Global Financial Crisis: Views from Asia” (review essay), Development and Change 44, 1 (2013).

  • “Government Spending, Aggregate Demand and Economic Growth,” Review of Keynesian Economics 1, 1 (2013).

  • “Post-Keynesianism and the Role of Aggregate Demand in Development Economics,” in Geoff C. Harcourt and Peter Kreisler, eds., Oxford Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Georges Enderle

  • “Defining Goodness in Business and Economics” in VittorioHösle, ed., Dimensions of Goodness (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013).

  • Developing Business Ethics in China (ed. with Xiaohe Lu), paperback edition with a new preface (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Larissa Fast

  • “In Acceptance We Trust? Conceptualizing Acceptance as a Viable Approach to NGO Security Management” (with C. Faith Freeman, Michael O’Neill, and Elizabeth Rowley), Disasters 37, 2 (April 2013).

  • “Programming, Footprints, and Relationships: The Link between Perceptions and Humanitarian Security,” in Caroline Abu-Sada, ed., Dilemmas, Challenges and Ethics of Humanitarian Action: Contributions around MSF’s Perception Project (Médecins Sans Frontières and McGill Queen’s University Press, 2012; republished in French, 2013).

  • “A Reflexive Approach to Risk and Intervention for Third Party Interveners,” Conflict Resolution Quarterly 30, 4 (July 2013).

Pamina Firchow

  • Editor, with Roger Mac Ginty, “Reparations and Peacebuilding,” special issue, Human Rights Review 14, 3 (2013).

  • “Reparations and Peacebuilding: Issues and Controversies” (with Roger Mac Ginty) Human Rights Review 14, 3 (2013).

Patrick Gaffney

  • "Vatican II and Tantur,"in Timothy S. Lowe, ed., Hope of Unity: Living Ecumenism Today (Aphorisma, 2013).

Karen Graubert

  • “Los lazos que unen: Dueñas negras de esclavos negros en Lima, ss. XVI-XVII,” Revista Nueva Corónica 2 (2013).

  • “Sabine MacCormack (1941–2012)” (with Ted Beatty), Hispanic American Historical Review 93, 1 (2013).

Debra Javeline

  • “Expert Opinion on Climate Change and Threats to Biodiversity” (with Jessica J. Hellmann, Rodrigo Castro Cornejo, and Gregory Shufeldt), Bioscience 63, 8 (2013).

  • “Institutional Persuasion to Support Minority Rights in Russia” (with Vanessa A. Baird), Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 21, 1 (2013).

Robert Johansen

  • “Measuring Acceptance of International Enforcement of Human Rights: The United States, Asia, and the International Criminal Court” (with Alex Dukalskis), Human Rights Quarterly 35, 3 (2013).

Joseph Kaboski

Scott Mainwaring

  • “Democratic Breakdown and Survival” (with Aníbal Pérez-Liñán), Journal of Democracy 24, 2 (2013).

  • “Regime Legacies and Levels of Democracy: Evidence from Latin America” (with Aníbal Pérez-Liñán), Comparative Politics 45 (July 2013).

  • With Krystin Krause and Holly Bird, translated Ignacio Walker’s La Democracia en America Latina (Uqbar Editores, 2009). The English edition, Democracy in Latin America: Between Hope and Despair (University of Notre Dame Press, 2013) features significant revisions for an English-speaking audience and a new prologue.

David Nickerson

  • “Artificial Inflation or Deflation? Assessing the Item Count Technique in Comparative Surveys” (with Chad Kiewiet de Jonge), Political Behavior. Published electronically August 4, 2013. doi:

  • “The Conditionality of Vote Buying Norms: Experimental Evidence from Latin America” (with Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos and Chad Kiewiet de Jonge), American Journal of Political Science. Published electronically July 13, 2013. doi:

Mary Ellen O’Connell

  • “Peace and War,” in Bardo Fassbender and Anne Peters, eds., The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2013).

María Rosa Olivera-Williams

  • “Violencia, memoria, justicia: una entrevista a Pilar Calveiro” (with Michael J. Lazzara and Mónica Szurmuk), A Contracorriente 10, 2 (winter 2013).

Emilia Justyna Powell

Karen Richman

  • “Religion at the Epicenter: Agency and Affiliation in Léogâne after the Earthquake” in Millery Polyne, ed., The Idea of Haiti: Rethinking Crisis and Development (University of Minnesota Press, 2013).

  • “Work and Retirement” (with Teresa Ghilarducci and Joelle Saad-Lessler) in Keith Whitfield and Tamara Baker, eds., Handbook of Minority Aging (Springer, 2013).

Juan Rivera

  • “The Azul Lavanda Social Enterprise in Rural Mexico” in Johann Brazda, Markus Dellinger, and Dietmar Rößl (Hg.), eds., Genossenschaften im Fokus einer neuen Wirtschaftspolitik (Cooperatives in the Focus of a New Economic Policy) (LIT Verlag, 2013).

Lyn Spillman

  • “Interest-Oriented Action” (with Michael Strand), Annual Review of Sociology 39 (2013).

Juan Vitulli

  • Blanco pequeño de ambos mundos: Una lectura del ‘Al agasajo’ de Hernando Domínguez Camargo,” Calíope. Journal of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry 18, 2 (2013).





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