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Central America/Caribbean/Mexico

From the Project Latin America 2000 Series

"The Peculiarities of 'Transition' a la mexicana"
Laurence Whitehead

"Central America in the Twenty-First Century: The Prospects for a Democratic Region"
Terry Lynn Karl

From the Working Paper Series

December 1983
"Varieties of Faith: Religion in Contemporary Nicaragua"
Margaret Crahan
An updated and revised version is available in The Progressive Church in Latin America, ed. Alexander Wilde and Scott Mainwaring (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1989).

December 1983
"The New Catholic Church in Latin America-A Conference Report"
Scott Mainwaring

February 1984
"Wages and Employment in International Recessions: Recent Latin American Experience"
Víctor Tokman
Now available in Debt and Development in Latin America, ed. Kwan S. Kim and David F. Ruccio (University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, 1985); also in Revista de la CEPAL 20 (August 1983).

March 1984
"Industrial Development in Mexico: Problems, Policy Issues and Perspectives"
Kwan S. Kim
A revised version is available in Debt and Development in Latin America, ed. Kwan S. Kim and David F. Ruccio, 205-26 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1985).

August 1984
"Centroamérica: algunos rasgos de la sociedad de pos-guerra"
Edelberto Torres-Rivas
A revised version is available in Serie Informes de Investigación 11 (San José: ICADIS, February 1986).

July 1984
"False Polarization? Alternative Perspectives on the Economic Strategies of Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua"
Michael Conroy
Now available in Third World Quarterly 6 (4 October 1984): 993-1032.

July 1984
"External Dependence, External Assistance, and 'Economic Aggression' against Nicaragua"
Michael Conroy
Now available in Latin American Perspectives 45, Vol. 12 (2, spring 1985): 39-67.

December 1984
"Agrarian Reform and the Peasantry in the Transition to Socialism in the Third World"
Carmen Diana Deere
A revised version is available under the title "Agrarian Reform, the Organization of Production and Worker-Peasant Participation in the Transition" in Transition and Development: Problems of Third World Socialism, ed. R. Fagen, C.D. Deere, and J.L. Coraggio (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1986).

September 1984
"Stabilization and Economic Justice: The Case of Nicaragua"
E.V.K. FitzGerald
Now available in Debt and Development in Latin America, ed. Kwan S. Kim and David F. Ruccio, 191-204 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1985).

May 1985
"Rural Class Structure in Mexico: New Developments, New Perspectives"
María de los Angeles Crummett
Now available in The Journal of Peasant Studies 14 (3 April 1987): 78-94.

December 1985
"The State and Planning in Nicaragua"
David F. Ruccio
Revised versions are available in The Political Economy of Revolutionary Nicaragua, ed. Rose J. Spalding (Boston: Allen and Unwin, 1986); and Development and Change 18 (1, January 1987): 5-27.

March 1986
"Industrialization in Mexico: Issues and Strategies"
Kwan S. Kim
Now available in Economic Problems of Mexico: Realities and Perspectives, ed. F. Carrada, 165-96 (Mexico City: Editorial Trillas Publishing Co., 1988).

March 1986
"Escenarios, sujetos, desenlaces (Reflexiones sobre la crisis centroamericana)"
Edelberto Torres-Rivas
Now available in Centroamerica, la democracia posible, E. Torres-Rivas (San José: EDUCA, 1987).

June 1986
"Rural Women and Migration in Latin America: Research Review and Agenda"
Maria de los Angeles Crummett
Now available in La mujer y la política agraria en América Latina, ed. M. León and C. Deere, 209-27 (Bogotá: ACEP and Siglo XXI, 1986).

July 1986
"The Consolidation of Democracy in Latin America-A Rapporteur's Report"
Scott Mainwaring

August 1986
"The Mexican Charrazo of 1948: Latin American Labor from World War to Cold War"
Ian Roxborough
A revised version is available in Latin America between the Second World War and the Cold War, 1944-1948, ed. Leslie Bethell and Ian Roxborough (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1992).

September 1986
"Mexico: The Debt Crisis and Options for Development Strategy"
Kwan S. Kim
Now available in Issues in North American Trade and Finance, ed. R. Tremblay, 55-70 (Montreal: University of Montreal Press, 1987).

November 1986
"Humanitarianism and Politics in Central America"
Gil Loescher
Now available in Political Science Quarterly 103 (2, Summer 1988): 295-320.

December 1986
"The Political Economy of Latin American Development: Seven Exercises in Retrospection"
Albert O. Hirschman
Now available in Latin American Research Review (1987).

April 1987
"Peasant Response to State Grain Policy in Revolutionary Nicaragua"
Michael Zalkin

July 1987
"Labor, Politics, and Industrialization in the Dominican Republic"
Rosario Espinal

August 1987
"Food Security Trends and Prospects in Latin America"
Solon Barraclough and Peter Utting
A German translation is now available in Aussichten auf die Zukunft: Lateinamerika Analysen und Berichte no.10, ed. Dietmar Dirmoser et al., 102-39 (Hamburg: Junius Verlag, 1986).

January 1988
"'The Rich Have Already Eaten...' Roots of Catastrophe in Central America"
Solon L. Barraclough and Michael F. Scott
Also available as a publication of the Transnational Institute.

August 1988
"What Are the Newly Literate Reading in Cuba? An 'Individualist' Memoir"
Anthony Kerrigan (author deceased)
Now available in University Bookman (1989); This World (1989); and Salmagundi (vol. 82-83). An Italian translation is available in Linea d'ombra (1990).

December 1988
"Torn Between Authoritarianism and Crisis-Prone Democracy: The Dominican Labor Movement"
Rosario Espinal

January 1990
"Industrialization Process, Employment, and Income Distribution in Mexico: Issues and Strategies"
Kwan S. Kim
Now available in Constructing Culture and Power in Latin America, ed. Daniel Levine (Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press, 1993) and in Spanish in Nueva Antropología 38: 45-83.

December 1989
"Women, Industrialization and State Policy in Cuba"
Helen Icken Safa (with the Federation of Cuban Women)
A revised version is available as a chapter of the author's book The Myth of the Male Breadwinner: Women and Industrialization in the Caribbean (Westview, 1995) and in Spanish in La industria de la aguja en el Caribe (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico: Editorial Universitario).

March 1990
"El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988"
Larissa Adler Lomnitz, Claudio Lomnitz-Adler, and Ilya Adler
Now available in Constructing Culture and Power in Latin America, ed. Daniel Levine (Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press, 1993) and in Spanish in Nueva Antropología 38: 45-83.

May 1990
"Unlikely Transitions to Uncertain Regimes? Democracy without Compromise in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador"
Catherine M. Conaghan and Rosario Espinal
A revised version is available in Journal of Latin American Studies 22 (October 1990): 553-74.

September 1990
"Presidentialism, Multiparty Systems, and Democracy: The Difficult Equation"
Scott Mainwaring
Now available in Comparative Political Studies 26 (2, 1993): 198-228.

March 1991
"Industrial Organization and Comparative Advantage in Mexico's Manufacturing Trade"
Jaime Ros
A revised version in Spanish is available as chapter 13 of La organizacion industrial en México, ed. J. I. Casar et al., 293-323 (Mexico City: Siglo XXI Editores, 1990).

April 1991
"Cuba y la nueva economía mundial: El reto de la inserción en América Latina y el Caribe"
Pedro Monreal

October 1992
"Mexican Business and the State: The Political Economy of a 'Muddled' Transition"
Blanca Heredia
Now available in Business and Democracy in Latin America, ed. Ernest Bartell, CSC, and Leigh A. Payne (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

December 1992
"Business Elites and Democracy in Latin America: Reflections on the May 1991 Kellogg Institute Conference"
Juan J. López

January 1993
"Mexico's Trade and Industrialization Experience since 1960: A Reconsideration of Past Policies and Assessment of Current Reforms"
Jaime Ros

January 1993
"From Trade Liberalization to Economic Integration: The Case of Mexico"
Enrique Dussel Peters and Kwan S. Kim

January 1993
"Poverty in Mexico: An Empirical Analysis"
Nora Lustig

January 1993
"Evaluating Alternative Explanations of Electoral Reform in Costa Rica"
Fabrice Edouard Lehoucq
Now available in Electoral Studies, Vol. 14, No. 1 as "Institutional Change and Political Conflict: Evaluating Alternative Explanations of Electoral Reform in Costa Rica" (March 1995).

April 1993
"On the State, Democratization, and Some Conceptual Problems (A Latin American View with Glances at Some Post-Communist Countries)"
Guillermo O'Donnell
Now available in World Development 21 (8, October, 1993): 1355-69. A Portuguese version is available as "Sobre o estado, a democratização e alguns problemas conceituais (Uma visão latino-americana com uma rápida olhada em alguns países pós-comunistas)," Novos Estudos CEBRAP 36 (July, São Paulo), and a Spanish version as "Acerca del estado, la democratización y algunos problemas conceptuales. Una perspectiva latinoamericana con referencias a paises poscomunistas," Desarrollo Económico 33 (130, Buenos Aires).

June 1993
"Contesting Authenticity: Battles over the Representation of History in Morelos, Mexico"
JoAnn Martin

June 1993
"The State, Markets, and Development: A Rapporteurs' Report"
Enrique Dussel Peters and Mathew A. Verghis

June 1993
"Privatization: The Role of Domestic Business"
Ernest Bartell, CSC

December 1993
"Mercados financieros y flujos de capital en México"
Jaime Ros

March 1994
"Capitalists and Revolution"
Rose J. Spalding

March 1994
"Asian Economic Success and Latin American Failure in the 1980s: New Analyses and Future Policy Implications"
Ajit Singh

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere: A Rapporteurs' Report"
Caren Addis and Mathew Verghis

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Asian Pacific: Issues and Prospects"
Kwan S. Kim

March 1996
"Ethnicity and Development: The Caribbean and Oceania"
Ralph R. Premdas

April 1996
"Ethnicity and Elections in The Caribbean: A Radical Realignment of Power in Trinidad and the Threat of Communal Strife"
Ralph R. Premdas

July 1996
"Changes in the International Distribution of Income"
Herbert Stocker

August 1996
"Democracy 'with Adjectives': Conceptual Innovations in Comparative Research"
David Collier and Steven Levitsky

August 1996
"Mexico's Auto Industry after NAFTA: A Successful Experience in Restructuring?"
Juan Carlos Moreno Brid

September 1996
"Accountability for Past Abuses"
Juan E. Méndez
A version of this paper is forthcoming in the February 1997 issue of Human Rights Quarterly.

December 1996
"Ethnicity and Identity in the Caribbean: Decentering a Myth"
Ralph R. Premdas

March 1997
"Is the Third Wave of Democratization Over? An Empirical Assessment"
Larry Diamond

March 1997
"Is the Third Wave of Democratization Over? The Imperative of Consolidation"
Larry Diamond

March 1997
"Indigenous Politics and Democracy: Contesting Citizenship in Latin America"
Deborah J. Yasher

August 1997
"Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia"
Clark W. Reynolds
Now available in Economic Cooperation and Integration: East Asian Experiences (Proceedings of the Nanzan-Notre Dame International Conference held at the University of Notre Dame in 1995 and at Nanzan University in 1996), ed. Kwan S. Kim and Robert J. Riemer, SVD (University of Notre Dame, 1997).

October 1997
"APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC"
Frank Langdon and Brian L. Job
Now available in Economic Cooperation and Integration: East Asian Experiences (Proceedings of the Nanzan-Notre Dame International Conference held at the University of Notre Dame in 1995 and at Nanzan University in 1996), ed. Kwan S. Kim and Robert J. Riemer, SVD (University of Notre Dame, 1997).

November 1997
"A Classification of Latin American Political Parties"
Michael Coppedge

January 1998
"Workshop on The Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America-A Rapporteurs' Report"
Gina Bekker and Robert Patrick

February 1998
"Presidential Coups d'État and Regime Change in Latin American and Soviet Successor States: Lessons for Democratic Theory"
Maxwell Cameron

February 1998
"The Politics of Economic Reform: Distributional Coalitions and Policy Change in Latin America"
Hector E. Schamis

April 1998
"The Catching-Up Debate: A Statistical Investigation"
Prabirjit Sarkar

May 1998
"Life without the King: Centralists, Federalists, and Constitutional Monarchists in the Making of the Spanish American Republics, 1808-1830"
Iván Jaksic and Marcelo Leiras

June 1998
"The Changing Status of Children in Latin America: Issues in Child Health and Children's Rights-A Rapporteur's Report"
Carol D. Stuart

January 2002
"Fujimori's Financiers: How Japan Became the Largest Aid Donor in Latin America and Its Implications for Future Economic Development"
Michael G. Donovan and Kwan S. Kim

September 2002
"Ámbito y Papel de los Especialistas en las Reformas en los Sistemas de Salud:
Los Casos de Brasil y México
Raquel Abrantes Pêgo and Célia Almeida

March 2003
"Policy Making Under Divided Government in Mexico"
Benito Nacif

February 2004
"Unemployment, Macroeconomic Policy and Labor Market Flexibility: Argentina and Mexico in the 1990s"
Roberto Frenkel and Jaime Ros

July 2004
"Myths of the Enemy: Castro, Cuba and Herbert L. Matthews of the New York Times"
Anthony DePalma

October 2004
"Tax Effort and Tax Potential of State Governments in Mexico: A Representative Tax System"
Horacio Sobarzo

February 2006
"External Pressures and International Norms in Latin American Pension Reform"
Kurt Weyland

May 2007
"Confronting Colonialism: Maryknoll Catholic Missionaries in Peru and Guatemala, 1943–1968"
Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens

August 2007
The Future of Christianity in Latin America
Daniel H. Levine

October 2007
Drugs, Civil War, and the Conditional Impact of the Economy on Democracy
Michael Coppedge, Angel Alvarez, and Lucas González

November 2007
"The Quality of Democracy in Latin America: Another View"
Daniel H. Levine and Jose E. Molina

December 2007
"Creating Competition: Patronage Politics and the PRI’s Demise"
Kenneth F. Greene

April, 2008
"Democracy, Parties and Political Finance in Latin America"
Eduardo Posada-Carbó

April, 2008
"Democracy and Populism in Latin America"
Ignacio Walker

May, 2008
"Institutions and Politicians: An Analysis of the Factors that Determine Presidential Legislative Success"
Manuel Alcántara and Mercedes García Montero

May 2008
"Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926"
Robert Curley

August 2008
"The Durability of Constitutions in Changing Environments: Explaining Constitutional Replacements in Latin America"
Gabriel L. Negretto

December 2008
"Political Crises and Democracy in Latin America Since the End of the Cold War"
Luis E. González

December 2008
"Regime Legacies and Democratization: Explaining Variance in the Level of Democracy in Latin America, 1978—2004"
Scott Mainwaring and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán

May 2009
"Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas
Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
Irene Rizzini, María de Los Angeles Torres, and Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo

July 2009
"Political Solidarity, Cultural Survival, and the Institutional Design of Autonomy in Nicaragua: From Heterogenous, Multiethnic Spaces to National Homelands"
Juliet Hooker

December 2009
"Social and Political Effects of Religiosity and Religious Identities in Latin America"
J. Samuel Valenzuela, Timothy R. Scully and Nicolás Somma

December 2009
"Institutionalizing Inequality: The Political Origins of Labor Codes in Latin America"
Matthew E. Carnes, SJ

July 2010
How Presidents Legislate: Agenda Control and Policy Success in Costa Rica
Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer

Nina Wiesehomeier
July 2010
"The Meaning of Left-Right in Latin America: A Comparative View"

Mikael Wolfe
July 2010
"Mining Water for the Revolution: Marte R. Gómez and the Business of Agrarian Reform in “La Laguna,” Mexico, 1920s to 1960"

November 2010
Carlos Guevara Mann and Brittmarie Janson Pérez
"El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)"

Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo
January 2011
"Designing Cabinets: Presidential Politics and Cabinet Instability in Latin America"

Mariela Szwarcberg
July 2011
"The Microfoundations of Political Clientelism: Lessons from the Argentine Case"

Cas Mudde
and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
July 2011
"Voices of the Peoples: Populism in Europe and Latin America Compared"

Ottón Solís
November 2011
"Subsidizing Multinational Corporations: Is That a Development Policy?"

Juliana Martínez Franzoni
and Diego Sánchez-Ancochea
March 2012
"The Road to Universal Social Protection: How Costa Rica Informs Theory"

Matthew C. Ingram
June 2012
"Networked Justice: Judges, the Diffusion of Ideas, and Legal Reform Movements in Mexico"

Manuel Alcántara
June 2012
"Elections in Latin America 2009–2011: A Comparative Analysis"

José Antonio Aguilar Rivera
March 2013
"Great Expectations: Mexican Democracy and Its Discontents"

Amy Reynolds
June 2013
"“With or Without Cafta, We Need a Plan”: A Catholic Response to Free Trade in Costa Rica"

Nicholas Carnes and Noam Lupu
October 2013
"Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America"

Sam Handlin
November 2014
"Xenophobia Towards Palestinian Citizens of Israel Among Russian Immigrants in Israel: Heightened by Failure to Make Gains in a New Democratic Society"

Fabrice Lehoucq
February 2015
"Democratization and Other Civil War Legacies in Central America"

Juan Andrés Moraes
March 2015
"The Electoral Basis of Ideological Polarization in Latin America"

Steven Samford
May 2016
"Small Enterprises and the Low-Innovation Trap: Evidence from Environmental Regulation of Industry in Mexico"

Olukunle P. Owolabi
April 2017
"The Developmental Legacies of the Bifurcated Colonial State: Statistical Evidence from Sixty-Seven British, French, and Portuguese Colonies"

Matthew Singer
April 2017
Delegating Away Democracy: How Good Representation and Policy Successes Can Undermine Democratic Attitudes




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