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December 1984
"Agrarian Reform and the Peasantry in the Transition to Socialism in the Third World"
Carmen Diana Deere
A revised version is available under the title "Agrarian Reform, the Organization of Production and Worker-Peasant Participation in the Transition" in Transition and Development: Problems of Third World Socialism, ed. R. Fagen, C.D. Deere, and J.L. Coraggio (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1986).

January 1985
"Industrial Policy and Industrialization in South Korea: 1961-1982-Lessons on Industrial Policies for Other Developing Countries"
Kwan S. Kim
A Spanish version is available in Política industrial y desarrollo en Corea del Sur, Kwan S. Kim (Nacional Financiera).

May 1986
"Colombia y los Estados Unidos en la Guerra de Corea"
Carlos Horacio Urán (author deceased)

January 1987
"The Structure and Performance of International Banking during the 1970s and Its Impact on the Crisis of Latin America"
Robert Devlin
Now available in Debt and Crisis in Latin America: The Supply Side of the Story, Robert Devlin (Princeton University Press, 1989).

December 1988
"Toward an Institutional Analysis of State Socialism"
David Stark and Victor Nee
Now available in Remaking the Economic Institutions of Socialism: China and Eastern Europe, David Stark and Victor Nee, 1-31 (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1989).

July 1989
"Foreign Trade and the Distribution of Income in Thailand"
Kwan S. Kim and Pornpen Vorasopontaviporn
Now available in Developing Economies 27 (1 March 1989): 60-74.

April 1990
"The State of Industry in the Third World in the 1980s: Analytical and Policy Issues"
Ajit Singh

November 1990
"Trust, Cooperation, and Flexibility: International Comparisons"
Edward H. Lorenz
A revised version is available under the title "Trust and the Flexible Firm: International Comparisons," Industrial Relations 3 (1992).

August 1991
"The Institution of a Stockmarket in a Socialist Economy: Notes on the Chinese Economic Reform Program"
Ajit Singh
Now available in The Chinese Economy and Its Future: Achievements and Problems of Post-Mao Reforms, ed. Peter Nolan and Dong Fureng (Cambridge: Polity Press).

November 1991
"The Korean Miracle (1962-1980) Revisited: Myths and Realities in Strategy and Development"
Kwan S. Kim

January 1992
"Unions, Social Structures, and Wage Restraint: A Suggested Scheme of Analysis"
Edward J. Amadeo

June 1992
"The Political Economy of Statism in South Korean Development"
Kwan S. Kim

August 1992
"The NICs, Global Accumulation and Uneven Development: Implications of a Simple Three-Region Model"
Amitava Krishna Dutt
Now available in World Development 20 (8, August 1992): 1159-71.

April 1993
"On the State, Democratization, and Some Conceptual Problems (A Latin American View with Glances at Some Post-Communist Countries)"
Guillermo O'Donnell
Now available in World Development 21 (8, October, 1993): 1355-69. A Portuguese version is available as "Sobre o estado, a democratização e alguns problemas conceituais (Uma visão latino-americana com uma rápida olhada em alguns países pós-comunistas)," Novos Estudos CEBRAP 36 (July, São Paulo), and a Spanish version as "Acerca del estado, la democratización y algunos problemas conceptuales. Una perspectiva latinoamericana con referencias a paises poscomunistas," Desarrollo Económico 33 (130, Buenos Aires).

June 1993
"Modernization and Postmodernization: Theoretical Comments on India"
Fred Dallmayr

June 1993
"The State, Markets, and Development: A Rapporteurs' Report"
Enrique Dussel Peters and Mathew A. Verghis

July 1993
"Juan Linz, Presidentialism, and Democracy: A Critical Appraisal"
Scott Mainwaring and Matthew Shugart
Forthcoming in Politics, Society and Democracy: Latin America, ed. Arturo Valenzuela (Boulder: Westview). A Portuguese version is available under the title "Juan Linz, presidencialismo e democracia," Novos Estudos CEBRAP 3 (November 1993): 191-213, and a Spanish version in Desarrollo Económico 135 (October-December 1994).

March 1994
"Asian Economic Success and Latin American Failure in the 1980s: New Analyses and Future Policy Implications"
Ajit Singh

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Asian Pacific: Issues and Prospects"
Kwan S. Kim

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Distributional Equity in Comparative Perspective"
Kwan S. Kim

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Regional Development and Cooperation in Pacific Basin, with Special Reference to APEC-A Rapporteurs' Report"
Joseph Stevano and William Barnes

March 1996
"Ethnicity and Development: The Caribbean and Oceania"
Ralph R. Premdas

July 1996
"Changes in the International Distribution of Income"
Herbert Stocker

August 1996
"Democracy 'with Adjectives': Conceptual Innovations in Comparative Research"
David Collier and Steven Levitsky

August 1996
"A New Discipline: Development Ethics"
Denis Goulet
A version of this paper is forthcoming (in 1997) in Socio-Economics of Community Development in World Perspectives (Festschrift in Honour of the Great Eighteenth-Century
Philosopher, Immanuel Kant), Volume II, to be published by MCB University Press, West Yorkshire, England, as a special issue of The International Journal of Social Economics.

April 1997
"Macro Comparisons without pitfalls: A Protocol for Comparative Research"
J. Samuel Valenzuela

April 1997
"An ASEAN Perspective on APEC"
Yoji Akashi

August 1997
"Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia"
Clark W. Reynolds
Now available in Economic Cooperation and Integration: East Asian Experiences (Proceedings of the Nanzan-Notre Dame International Conference held at the University of Notre Dame in 1995 and at Nanzan University in 1996), ed. Kwan S. Kim and Robert J. Riemer, SVD (University of Notre Dame, 1997).

February 1998
"Presidential Coups d'État and Regime Change in Latin American and Soviet Successor States: Lessons for Democratic Theory"
Maxwell Cameron

April 1998
"The Catching-Up Debate: A Statistical Investigation"
Prabirjit Sarkar

April 1998
"Horizontal Accountability and New Polyarchies"
Guillermo O'Donnell

June 1999
"The Political Economy of Policy Credibility: The New-Classical Macroeconomics and the Remaking of Emerging Economies"
Ilene Grabel

January 2002
"Fujimori's Financiers: How Japan Became the Largest Aid Donor in Latin America and Its Implications for Future Economic Development"
Michael G. Donovan and Kwan S. Kim

February 2003
"When Capital Cities Move: The Political Geography of Nation and State Building"
Edward Schatz

July 2004
"Does Lootable Wealth Breed Disorder? A Political Economy of Extraction Framework"
Richard Snyder

January 2005
"Rational Learning and Bounded Learning in the Diffusion of Policy Innovations"
Covadonga Meseguer

March 2005
"Class Formation or Fragmentation? Allegiances and Divisions Among Managers and Workers in State-Owned Enterprises"
Kun-Chin Lin

December 2009
"Islam and the International Sector: Negotiations of Faith in the Kyrgyz Republic"
Noor Borbieva

February 2010
"Happy News: Censorship, Nationalism, and Language Ideology in China"
Susan D. Blum

February 2013
"A Progressive Juristocracy? The Unexpected Social Activism of India’s Supreme Court"
Sanjay Ruparelia

Bob Baulch
July 2016
"Explaining Catch-Up in Human Development: A Political Economy Comparison of the Philippines and Viet Nam Since 1986"

Olukunle P. Owolabi
April 2017
"The Developmental Legacies of the Bifurcated Colonial State: Statistical Evidence from Sixty-Seven British, French, and Portuguese Colonies"




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