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Working Paper by Author (W)

Silvio R. Waisbord

January 1993
"A Sign of the Times: Television and Electoral Politics in Argentina, 1983-1989"


Ignacio Walker

April, 2008
"Democracy and Populism in Latin America"


Lucan Ahmad Way

December, 2008
"The Evolution of Authoritarian Organization in Russia under Yeltsin and Putin"

Francisco C. Weffort

July 1991
"America Astray"

April 2006
"Sacred Writings, Profane World: Notes on the History of Ideas in Brazil"


Keith R. Weghorst

January 2017
"Islam, Christianity, and Attitudes Toward Women's Political Equality: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa"
(w/ Kristin Michelitch)

Kurt Weyland

February 2006
"External Pressures and International Norms in Latin American Pension Reform"


Nina Wiesehomeier

July 2010
"The Meaning of Left-Right in Latin America: A Comparative View"

Laurence Whitehead

#4 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"The Peculiarities of 'Transition' a la mexicana"

Charles K. Wilber

July 1984
"The Methodological Basis of Hirschman's Development Economics: Pattern Model vs. General Laws"
(w/Steve Francis)

Alexander Wilde

June 1984
"Redemocratization, the Church, and Democracy in Colombia"

March 1987
"Creating Neo-Christendom in Colombia"

Carol Wise

May 1991
"Peruvian Economic Policy in the 1980s: From Orthodoxy to Heterodoxy and Back"
(w/Manuel Pastor, Jr.)


Mikael Wolfe

July 2010
"Mining Water for the Revolution: Marte R. Gómez and the Business of Agrarian Reform in “La Laguna,” Mexico, 1920s to 1960"

Lynne Wozniak

October 1991
"Industrial Modernization and Working-Class Protest in Socialist Spain"


Joseph Wright

May 2010
"Exit During Crisis: How Openness, Migration, and Economic Crisis Affect Democratization"




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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