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Dagmar Raczynski

#4 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Fall 1994
"Social Policies in Chile: Origin, Transformations, and Perspectives"

Joseph Ramos

November 1985
"Democracy and Property"

February 1985
"Capital Immobility and the Distribution of Income"

September 1986
"The Rise and Fall of Capital Markets in the Southern Cone"

Silvia Raw

August 1987
"The Making of a State-Owned Conglomerate: A Brazilian Case Study"

Simon Reich

December 1998
"What is Globalization? Four Possible Answers"


Amy Reynolds

June 2013
"“With or Without Cafta, We Need a Plan”: A Catholic Response to Free Trade in Costa Rica"


Isabel de Assis Ribeiro de Oliveira

February 2011
"The Concept of the Common Good in the Iberian Renaissance"


Rachel Beatty Riedl

November 2010
"The Iron Cage of Democracy: Institutional Similarity and Stasis in African Political Party Systems"

Fábio Wanderley Reis

December 1983
"Strategy, Institutions and the Autonomy of the Political"

January 1984
"Change, Rationality and Politics: Some Basic Problems of Method and Theory in Contemporary Socio-Political Science"

Andrew Reynolds

September 2002
"The Impact of Election Administration on the Legitimacy of Emerging Democracies: A New Research Agenda"
(w/Jørgen Elklit)

Clark W. Reynolds

August 1997
"Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia"

Juan Rial

October 1990
"Los partidos políticos uruguayos en el proceso de transición hacia la democracia"

Neal P. Richardson

August 2011
"The Spoils of Victory: Campaign Donations and Government Contracts in Brazil"
(w/Taylor C. Boas and F. Daniel Hidalgo)

Irene Rizzini

May 2009
"Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas
Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
(w/María de Los Angeles Torres and Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo)

Kenneth Roberts

March 1994
"Renovation in the Revolution? Dictatorship, Democracy, and Political Change in the Chilean Left"

Pilar Romaguera

March 1991
"Wage Differentials and Efficiency Wage Models: Evidence from the Chilean Economy"

Catalina Romero

November 1985
"Iglesia peruana: Cambio y continuidad. Naturaleza y sentido de su transformación"

Jaime Ros

August 1989
"On Inertia, Social Conflict, and the Structuralist Analysis of Inflation"

March 1991
"Industrial Organization and Comparative Advantage in Mexico's Manufacturing Trade"

January 1993
"Mexico's Trade and Industrialization Experience since 1960: A Reconsideration of Past Policies and Assessment of Current Reforms"

December 1993
"Mercados financieros y flujos de capital en México"

(w/Roberto Frenkel)

February 2004
"Unemployment, Macroeconomic Policy and Labor Market Flexibility: Argentina and Mexico in the 1990s"

Ian Roxborough

August 1986
"The Mexican Charrazo of 1948: Latin American Labor from World War to Cold War"

David F. Ruccio

December 1985
"The State and Planning in Nicaragua"

March 1991
"When Failure Becomes Success: Class and the Debate over Stabilization and Adjustment"


Sanjay Ruparelia

February 2013
"A Progressive Juristocracy? The Unexpected Social Activism of India’s Supreme Court"




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