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Working Paper by Author (F)

Tulia G. Falleti

July 2004
"A Sequential Theory of Decentralization and its Effects on the Intergovernmental Balance of Power: Latin American Cases in Comparative Perspective"

Emilio Tenti Fanfani

#6 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1994
"Poverty and Social Structure in Argentina: Outlook for the 1990s"
(w/Laura Golbert )

Vilmar Faria

#1 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1994
"The Current Social Situation in Brazil: Dilemmas and Perspectives"

Andreas Feldmann


June 2001
"Non-Governmental Terrorism in Latin America: Re-Examining Old Assumptions"
(w/Maiju Perälä)

Carlos Filgueira

#9 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Winter 1994
"Heterogeneity and Incidence of Urban Poverty in Uruguay"

Tiago Fernandes

March 2012
"Civil Society After Dictatorship: a Comparison of Portugal and Spain, 1970s–1990s"

Fernando Filgueira

#5 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1995
"A Century of Social Welfare in Uruguay: Growth to the Limit of the Batllista Social State"

Albert Fishlow

May 1984
"Revisiting the Great Debt Crisis of 1982"

Robert Fishman

March 1989
"Labor and the Return of Democracy to Spain"

February 2005
"On the Continuing Relevance of the Weberian Methodological Perspective (with Applications to the Spanish Case of Elections in the Aftermath of Terrorism)"

E.V.K. FitzGerald

September 1984
"Stabilization and Economic Justice: The Case of Nicaragua"

Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens

May 2007
"Confronting Colonialism: Maryknoll Catholic Missionaries in Peru and Guatemala, 1943–1968"

Michael Fleet

November 1992
"Christian Communities in Chile and Peru"

Andrés Fontana

July 1984
"Fuerzas armadas, partidos políticos y transición a la democracia en Argentina, 1981-1982"

August 1986
"De la crisis de Malvinas a la subordinación condicionada: Conflictos intramilitares y transición política en Argentina"

Alejandro Foxley

December 1983
"Enfoques ortodojos para el ajuste económico de corto plazo: Lecciones de la experiencia y temas de investigación"

March 1984
"Después del Monetarismo"

April 1984
"Paradigmas de desarrollo y democratización: temas de investigación"

May 1985
"After Authoritarianism: Political Alternatives"

July 1986
"The External Debt Problem from a Latin American Viewpoint"

Steve Francis

July 1984
"The Methodological Basis of Hirschman's Development Economics: Pattern Model vs. General Laws"
(w/Charles K. Wilber)

Volker Frank

#6 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"Democracy in the Americas: Approaching the Year 2000 (A Rapporteurs' Report)"

June 2002
"The Labor Movement in Democratic Chile"
(w/Charles Kenney)


Juliana Martínez Franzoni

March 2012
"The Road to Universal Social Protection: How Costa Rica Informs Theory"
(w/Diego Sánchez-Ancochea)

John D. French

December 2008
"Understanding the Politics of Latin America’s Plural Lefts (Chávez/Lula): Social Democracy, Populism, And Convergence on the Path to a Post-Neoliberal World"

Roberto Frenkel

February 2004
"Unemployment, Macroeconomic Policy and Labor Market Flexibility: Argentina and Mexico in the 1990s"
(w/Jaime Ros)




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