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Working Paper by Author (C)

Maxwell Cameron

February 1998
"Presidential Coups d'État and Regime Change in Latin America and Soviet Successor States: Lessons for Democratic Theory"

Guillermo Campero

October 1986
"Logics of Union Action in Chile"
(w/René Cortázar)

Daphna Canetti-Nisim

October 2006
"Xenophobia Towards Palestinian Citizens of Israel Among Russian Immigrants in Israel: Heightened by Failure to Make Gains in a New Democratic Society"
(w/Eran Halperin, Stevan E. Hobfoll, Robert E. Johnson)

Matthew E. Carnes, SJ

December 2009
"Institutionalizing Inequality: The Political Origins of Labor Codes in Latin America"

Nicholas Carnes (w/ Noam Lupu)
October 2013
"Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America"

Ruth Corrêa Leite Cardoso

March 1989
"Popular Movements in the Context of the Consolidation of Democracy"

Julián Casanova

March 1999
"Civil Wars, Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Finland, Spain, and Greece (1918-1949): A Comparative Analysis"

Jorge G. Castañeda

#3 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"Three Challenges to US Democracy: Accountability, Representativeness, and Intellectual Diversity," with Comments by Robert Dahl.

Rossana Castiglioni

December 2015
"Building and Sustaining Social Protection: Cross-Class Coalitions, Elite Responses, and Party Politics in Chile and Uruguay (1900–1973)"

Maria Helena de Magalhães Castro

November 1990
"Television and the Elites in Postauthoritarian Brazil"

Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro

#3 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1995
"The System of Social Protection in Brazil"
(w/Beatriz Azeredo, Sônia Miriam Draibe)

William T. Cavanaugh

March 2004
"The Violence of "Religion": Examining a Prevalent Myth"

Benedict J. Clements

February 1986
"The Debt Crisis and Stabilization Policy in Latin America: New Insights from Recent Research-A Rapporteur's Report"

March 1988
"Foreign Trade and Income Distribution: The Case of Brazil"
(w/Kwan Kim)

David Collier

December 1991
"Strategic Choice Models of Political Change in Latin America"
(w/Deborah L. Norden)

August 1996
"Democracy 'with Adjectives': Conceptual Innovations in Comparative Research"
(w/Steven Levitsky)

Catherine Conaghan

#1 (Project Latin America 2000 Series)
"Democracy That Matters: The Search for Authenticity, Legitimacy, and Civic Competence in the Andes"

May 1988
"Capitalists, Technocrats, and Politicians: Economic Policy-Making and Democracy in the Central Andes"

June 1992
"The Private Sector and the Public Transcript: The Political Mobilization of Business in Bolivia"

May 1990
"Unlikely Transitions to Uncertain Regimes? Democracy without Compromise in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador"
(w/Rosario Espinal)

Michael Conroy

July 1984
"False Polarization? Alternative Perspectives on the Economic Strategies of Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua"

July 1984
"External Dependence, External Assistance, and 'Economic Aggression' against Nicaragua"

Michael Coppedge

November 1997
"A Classification of Latin American Political Parties"

June 1999
"Venezuela: Conservative Representation without Conservative Parties"

April 2002
"Venezuela: Popular Sovereignty versus Liberal Democracy"

October 2007
Drugs, Civil War, and the Conditional Impact of the Economy on Democracy
(w/Angel Alvarez, Lucas González)

Fernando Coronil

October 1988
"The Magical State: History and Illusion in the Appearance of Venezuelan Democracy"

Daniel Corstange

May 2009
"Democratic Talk and the Democratic Walk: Superficial Versus Sincere Support for Illiterate Voting Rights in Lebanon"

René Cortázar

October 1986
"Logics of Union Action in Chile"
(w/Guillermo Campero)

Adela Cortina

May 2007
"Development Ethics: A Road to Peace"

Margaret Crahan

December 1983
"Varieties of Faith: Religion in Contemporary Nicaragua"

Germán Creamer

June 1996
"The Ecuadorean Participation in the Andean Pact: Macroeconomic and Sectoral Impact"

María de los Angeles Crummett

May 1985
"Rural Class Structure in Mexico: New Developments, New Perspectives"

June 1986
"Rural Women and Migration in Latin America: Research Review and Agenda"

Robert Curley

May 2008
"Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926"




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