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Working Paper by Author (B)

Benjamin E. Bagozzi

June 2016
The IMF, Finance Interest Groups, and Capital “Flight” in Developing States

(w/Alexandra Guisinger and Bumba Mukherjee)


Scott L. Baier

January 2002
"On the Economic Determinants of Free Trade Agreements"
(w/Jeffrey Bergstrand)

Ronald J. Balvers

April 2002
"Government Expenditures and Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates"
(w/Jeffrey H. Bergstrand)

Monsignor Cristián Precht Bañados

May 1986
Part 2
"The Imperative of Solidarity"
(w/Raúl Cardinal Silva Henríquez)

Tiffany Barnes

March 2014
"Women’s Representation and Legislative Committee Appointments: The Case of the Argentine Provinces"

William Barnes

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Regional Development and Cooperation in Pacific Basin, with Special Reference to APEC-A Rapporteurs' Report"
(w/Joseph Stevano)

Solon Barraclough

August 1987
"Food Security Trends and Prospects in Latin America"
(w/Peter Utting)

January 1988
"'The Rich Have Already Eaten...' Roots of Catastrophe in Central America"
(w/Michael F. Scott)

Roxana Barrantes Cáceres

March 2007
"Digital Poverty: Concept and Measurement, with an Application to Peru "

Robert Barros

October 1984
"Issues on Democracy and Democratization: North and South-A Rapporteur's Report"
(w/Carlos Acuña)

Ernest Bartell, CSC

December 1983
"The United States and Third World Poor in the International Economy: Some Economic and Ethical Issues for Discussion"

August 1986
"Private Goods, Public Goods and the Common Good: Another Look at Economics and Ethics in Catholic Social Teaching"

December 1992
"Business Perceptions and the Transition to Democracy in Chile"

June 1993
"Privatization: The Role of Domestic Business"

Henrikas Bartusevičius

June 2014
"A Lexical Index of Electoral Democracy"
(w/Svend-Erik Skaaning and John Gerring)

Arturo León Batista

#8 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Summer 1994
"Urban Poverty in Chile: Its Extent and Diversity"

Bob Baulch

July 2016
"Explaining Catch-Up in Human Development: A Political Economy Comparison of the Philippines and Viet Nam Since 1986"

Shelley Baxter

December 1985
"Feminist Theory, State Policy, and Rural Women in Latin America-A Rapporteur's Report"

Ana Maria Bejarano

April 2002
"From 'Restricted' to 'Beseiged': The Changing Nature of the Limits to Democracy in Colombia"
(w/Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez)

Gina Becker

January 1998
"Workshop on The Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America - A Rapporteurs' Report"
(w/Robert Patrick)

Douglas Bennett

April 1984
"Democracy and Public Policy Analysis"

Simona Beretta

May 2017
"Time, Relations and Behaviors: Measuring the Transformative Power of Love-Based Community Life"
(w/Mario A. Maggioni)


Jeffrey Bergstrand

January 2002
"On the Economic Determinants of Free Trade Agreements"

(w/Ronald J. Balvers)

April 2002
"Government Expenditures and Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates"
(w/Scott L. Baier)

Ana María Bidegain

November 1985
"From Catholic Action to Liberation Theology: The Historical Process of the Laity in Latin America in the Twentieth Century"


Susan D. Blum

February 2010
"Happy News: Censorship, Nationalism, and Language Ideology in China"

Taylor C. Boas

August 2011
"The Spoils of Victory: Campaign Donations and Government Contracts in Brazil"
(w/F. Daniel Hidalgo and Neal P. Richardson)

Jacopo Bonan

May 2015
"Increasing Anti-Malaria Bednets Uptake Using Information and Distribution Strategies: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Senegal"
(w/Philippe LeMay-Boucher, Douglas Scott, Michel Tenikue)


Noor Borbieva

December 2009
"Islam and the International Sector: Negotiations of Faith in the Kyrgyz Republic"

Daniel Brinks

September 2002
"Classifying Political Regimes in Latin America"
(w/Scott Mainwaring, Aníbal Pérez)

August 2008
"Inequality, Institutions, and the Rule of Law: The Social and Institutional Bases of Rights"


Wyatt Brooks

November 2016
"The Dynamics of Inter-Firm Skill Transmission Among Kenyan Microenterprises"
(w/Kevin Donovan, Terence R. Johnson)

Archie Brown

April 2000
"Transnational Influences in the Transition from Communism"

Kathleen Bruhn

October 2005
"With Friends Like These: Protest Strategies and the Left in Brazil and Mexico"

Paul G. Buchanan

April 1990
"'Useful Fools' as Diplomatic Tools: Organized Labor as an Instrument of US Foreign Policy in Latin America"

May 1991
"Reconstituting the Institutional Bases of Consent: Notes on State-Labor Relations and Democratic Consolidation in the Southern Cone"




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